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  • Probably a lot of truth in that. It’s not something I would have tried with kimchi though for some reason, but now I know it’s kind of obvious that the sweet aspect should play a big role just as with so much other Asian food

  • While we’re on the subject of fermentables… I’ve got a load of sexy brine left after fermenting a vat of jalapeño chillies. Anything I can do with that? Other than fuck loads of fiery cocktails

  • Palm sugar? I can't remember if I've even used sugar before, don't think so though. Does sound good now I think about it: sweet/sour.

  • The recipe suggests turbinado sugar but I’ve always used Demerara instead

  • Ceviche, marinade meat, in a hot sauce.

  • The fermented jalapeños are going to become hot sauce with some of their brine, should have said. First two are good shouts, never tried ceviche at home. Meat marinade sounds interesting. What would work best, something tough for low and slow or the other end of the spectrum?

  • Wallop. Thanks very much

  • It was a fair few years ago now, but I went to this place and it was superb:

    Nice one, thanks.

  • Be sure to look at alternatives ways of making US buttermilk. The UK stuff is way too thick. Acidified buttermilk is what you need as your alternative.

    This one works.­recipe/buttermilk-substitute

    Longer explanation / approach is here­Igo

  • Very helpful, thanks

  • Jalapeno pickle brined fried chicken sounds mindblowingly delicious. Pics/updates post event plz.

  • It's so kind of you to invite us all round to try it too.

  • I was going to try the Jalapeno pickle brined fried chicken last night - Until I was reminded that we had fried chicken on Monday (katsu curry) and on Tuesday (Korean fried chicken burgers).

    We still have two thighs & a breast, so it's jalapeno pickle chicken tonght!

  • Send nudes notes

  • I might be living with a witch.

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  • Thought this was the mums and dads thread for a second and a child had gone wrong.

  • This was outstanding, thanks for suggesting it. Followed the recipe with just one addition of potato starch for extra crunch. Served with kimchi and sushi rice. You could really taste the brine in the meat.

    Basking in the afterglow right now

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  • That looks fantastic!

  • It really was. My wife reckons it’s the best dish I’ve cooked this year

  • Sweet potato wrap, vegan mayo, cumin seeds, paprika and crispy fried onions

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  • my gf asked me to add those wraps to the shopping the other week... THREE POUNDS EIGHTY FOR SIX plain wraps. fuck me.

    that said while looking up the price again on ocado just now I see they're on offer for £2.75 so I can win some brownie points next weekend.

  • I was wondering what the missing filling was - it seemed to be all accompaniments.

    Now I realise you can't afford fillings if you've bought fancy wraps.

  • The wrap is the filling! Packaging is plant based plastic so I just wrapped the whole fucker up and ate it.

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