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  • This response makes me happy.

    I've been using this stuff:

    I wouldn't have any clue if there's a difference - is there any?

    I also put this on all the things:

  • I made some long pepper syrup this week - been stirring a teaspoon into my overnight oats, going to throw it into a cocktail this weekend.

  • Yes, different gochujang brands taste slightly different, some are hotter than others, sweeter, slightly different ingredients.

    But all of them are at least very good.

    That’s also the brand of chilli powder that both myself and my mum use. (Korean stamp of approval)

    I don’t bother, but my mum bags and freezes the chilli powder, to avoid it absorbing humidity.
    But then, she also chops up 500g of garlic and freezes it for convenience.

  • Did another 2kg of fried chicken today, with a mix of bone in drumsticks and thighs, along with some chicken breast strips and boneless thighs for the kids.

    Did 60:40 cornflour to wheat, and brined the chicken and dried off before coating in batter. Added secret sauce (MSG) in the batter.

    Fucking epic.

  • I read a science-y sounding article on the subject when I was in the shop that seemed to suggest the gluten hindered oil uptake in the batter. I need to do a side-by-side taste test at some point.

  • The gluten in the wheat helps the batter stick to the chicken.
    Makes the batter crunchy and crispy on the outside, and a touch chewy on the inside.

  • I bought a big tub of gochujang on a whim yesterday. Excellent timing dudes. Now I have plenty of ideas for gainful useage.

  • It's probably junk but I've been eating this by the spoonful. I've gone through two jars so far. Ulcers ahoy.

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  • Lao Gan Ma is a deep rabbit hole.

  • 11:12 in this video - that stuff is boggin imo

  • Is boggin a good thing?

  • Any leads on a lahmacun recipe? I used a NY times pide recipe and just kept them flat, topped with garlic mayo, roasted bell peppers and salad they were pretty good but they can be better.

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  • Current delight levels are high chez Ludd

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  • Oh yes, thanks! The döner shop I used to frequent is called Has, it’s a sign.

  • Isn't the flavour in Laoganma mainly salt and sugar?

  • umami and crack iirc


    I'm not opening up a debate about MSG, if anyone tries to say it's dangerous or unhealthy, that just means you've fallen for the racist lies.

  • mmmmmmmmmm MSG, love u MSG 💞

  • Ah yes, I'd seen the 'E621' on the label, but failed to connect it to MSG. Must remember.

    I have no understanding of the science around it, but I prefer to create umami flavour in other ways.

  • I saw an old work colleague who lives in Chingford the other day.

    He said he went to an Indian nearby and ordered a dish with paneer in, probably saag paneer.

    The waiter asked him if he wanted paneer or if he'd rather have cheddar. My friend asked him if he was serious and he said a lot of the locals prefer it.

    Has anyone tried and can anyone confirm? Thoughts @amey?

  • What is the name of this mythical restaurant and am I going there tonight ?

  • wow, on my way!

  • I've had a dish with a title of paneer, probably saag but might have been matar, but the description said cheddar. I was skeptical but ordered it anyway. It wasn't very nice, I wouldn't order it again.

    I think it was at this place:­outhampton/ which does offer "Fresh spinach and mature cheddar sautéed in light spices."

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