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  • Thanks for the tips dudes. I’ve actually already got a few good veggie books including the meera sodha one. Will check out some of those as well. Cheers!

  • Made this last night. It's rom the Huge Furry Whittingstall veg book that i've had for years. Was very good. Leftovers for lunch today.


    This week's evening menu is:

    Mon: Falafal wraps
    Tues: Halloumi, chickpea red pepper stew with red harissa
    Weds: Sweet potato and spinach curry (made with the leftover spice paste from Sunday)
    Thurs: Dahl from this recipe (winnr every tim)­08/masoor-daal-red-lentil-curry.html
    Fri: Then it's pizza friday. I make little pizzas using the Polpo book recipe.­ta-by-polpo/
    Courgette and chilli and potato and rosemary are the go-to.

    Still not missing meat.

  • I also sometimes add the flakes to homemade cultured butter. Amazing for bread and butter as an accompaniment to a meal.

  • Just found a big / good asian supermarket near me (devon, so this is quite a big deal) and i'm regretting ordering an induction hob.

  • so far enjoying our induction hob but one thing that feels really unnatural is the whole keep the pan on the hob or it turns off deal. so used to picking pans up to stir and flip things around etc. I know I still can but it feels wrong now somehow.

  • Do they fully turn off or does the heat just drop? Turning off and having to turn back on seems mad. Presume if that's the case it varies by brand/model?

  • No they stay on but just stop heating the pan from a certain distance.

  • Mine at least stays on. The display flashes F to show there's no pan but as soon as you put the pan back down it's back at the same setting as when you took it off.

  • But if there's residual heat in the pan/food and you're only taking it off the hob to toss for a couple of seconds it should be ok? I guess I'll find out when it gets switched on!

  • yes, I don't think it's an issue.

  • with daal, put one potato when you cook the lentils, dont skimp on fat (ideally ghee), a good daal is basically emulsification of starch, protein from lentils and fat, kasuri methi never hurts

  • Bit of alfresco cooking with this..

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  • dhaahl


  • dhaahl


  • Do they fully turn off or does the heat just drop? Turning off and having to turn back on seems mad. Presume if that's the case it varies by brand/model?

    ours is a safety feature called pan detection which only heats when it detects a pan (quite luckily it turns out after my gf left the hob on for 3 hours after making her breakfast), it sounds like aggi has the same one (AEG, I assume because it's quite similar to his username).

    I'm sure it makes zero difference to the overall heat applied to a dish but my brain considers it a bad thing which makes me not want to trigger it so i try to keep the pan set down which feels unusual.

  • You reckon the potato works better than wheat then? I couldn't find potato at the asian supermarket last weekend so bought wheat. Made this dish which was nice but not so good reheated the next day - like a to warm fruit salad 🤢

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  • only heats when it detects a pan

    Hol'up - it's induction - it can't heat if nothing is there to induce current anyway, no?

  • Gochujang

    Homemade or store bought?

    (In which case - recipe / supplier?)

  • possibly an energy saving feature only then.

  • No one has time to make that shit! Making gochujang is way more hassle than it’s worth, my Korean mum has made kimchi all her life, she’s never made gochujang or doenjang.
    A bit like trying to make your own fish sauce. Not worth the stink.

    This brand is what I’ve been using.

    CJ Haechandle Medium Hot Chilli Pepper Paste (Square) Gochujang, Brown, 500 g­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_AQ8MR24356JCGQJ6­K17G?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

  • The gochujang glaze recipe is was using was as follows:

    1 tablespoon vegetable oil
    6 garlic cloves, minced
    150ml ketchup
    150ml golden syrup (traditionally rice syrup, but any thickening syrup will do)
    100ml gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste)
    1 Tablespoon Apple vinegar
    Small dash or soy sauce or MSG
    2 teaspoons toasted sesame oil
    Liberal amounts of toasted sesame seeds and chopped spring onion

    Lightly brown garlic in vegetable oil
    Add ketchup, golden syrup, gochujang, vinegar, soy sauce/MSG, and simmer and reduce down until fairly sticky.
    Reheat, add sesame oil, coat chicken and liberally sprinkle with sesame seeds and spring onion.

    Should make enough sauce for 2kg of chicken, leftover sauce is delicious with pretty much anything.

  • I think the mix of flour makes a different crunch and colour.

    Corn and potato flour go crispier, wheat is chewier due to gluten content I think.

    After I battered up the chicken, I gave them a final dusting of a seasoned 50/50 corn/wheat flour mix to get a even external coat. Though you want the haphazard lumpy batter as it adds lots of Different textures and more surface area for the glaze.

  • Homemade gochujang recipe includes the following instruction:

    Leave in full sun for 6 months. The sun helps to kill any fungus from forming on top. Cover the top with a fine mosquito net or mesh that will keep the bugs away

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