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  • I use boned thighs and don't bother with the bashing flat. Takes a bit longer to cook but way less faff and cleaning/raw chicken mess.

  • Chicken thigh fillets are the best. Jerk seasoning or teriyaki and a bit of liquid smoke and under the grill for 15-20 minutes. Almost impossible to overcook

  • Exactly, no slower than sticking a Kiev in the oven

  • Sure, but considerably more effort. Whilst your hands are getting eggy, floury and generally claggy and you're having to regulate oil temp to fry the cutlet I'm having a lovely beer and wasting more time on the forum... easy dinners should be easy.

  • You do you! If I can get it on the table in half an hour it counts as easy in my book

  • It’s definitely not the best version but it’s a cheat code to something pretty delicious. Either way I’m loving hearing everyone’s katsu tales

  • I just want to check here, are you following the suggested process of adding onion and potato to the curry sauce or are you going au naturel?

  • I chucked a handful of frozen peas into the sauce for the really laziest version imaginable. Did still bang.

  • You can do what you want, nobody is going to judge you. I sometimes just cook chicken breast pieces in the sauce and use chicken stock instead of just water.
    If you look at the menu of places like Coco Ichibanya pretty much anything goes.

  • And carrot.

    Chonky lumps though.

  • banging! just moved south from living North all my life and been looking for different Caribbean spots

  • 🤌🏼

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  • Looks like I'm a Celebrity

  • @Aroogah props for posting the Joshua Weissman recipe.. wow, I’ve just batch cooked about 8 portions of Golden Curry Sauce from scratch. I reckon it took around 90 minutes tops to produce.

    I subbed MSG for banana.. it tastes utterly incredible, despite all the faff with the sieve.

    Mrs M is gonna love date night at home with Chicken Kiev surprise this Friday.. moar pics then when it’s plated up..

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  • Smashed a @Tenderloin Katsu with oven scampi. Added some frozen carrots into the golden curry, wanted to add frozen peas but I'd apparently run out. No cabbage or pickles, but since I had the knife and chopping board out to chop my boy's salad, I sliced up some spring onion to go on the scampi.

    With an 18 minute cook time on the scampi, I reckon I can do potatoes for the curry next time, not too bothered about cabbage since it would only be used with this one meal but pickles are mandatory. I thought I had a jar in the fridge but looks like I'd run out.

  • Glad that it has worked out for you! His whole channel is amazing, even if you would never attempt 90% of it. Also bonus that he lives in my original hometown so it is weird seeing the shots of restaurant locations I know from time to time.

  • And now this stuff is appearing in my recommends:­sCo

  • The only thing I say about the Josh Weissman is that some of it is really bloody arduous, but I guess that is kind of the point.

    Bought some curry paste from Payst the other day; I'm generally mild when it comes to Thai curries, the massaman with some chicken, potatoes and veg was delicious

  • Those are some proper sized portions.

  • Mrs M was totally made up with Friday dinner date night.. thank you 🙏 forum

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  • wondering if one of 'loins clients is just big katsu / big kiev and this was all a marketing ploy. we did it today. Pretty perfect, obviously. Might do it tomorrow as well.

  • big kiev

    Finally. A shadowy oligarchy we can all get on board with.

  • If we have Big Katsu, is MSG "MainStreamGolden"?


  • KFCa = Katsu Forum Coming atcha

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