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  • Always knew I was a taste maker, now it’s a literal thing

  • Actually would love to see your final pie

    Hope to make it this weekend, time permitting.

  • I'm happy to resolve the pecan pie dispute. Bake me one of each and I'll get back to you with my professional opinion. Happy to help.

  • This is a great recipe for the kimchi & cheese fans:­and-gruyere-rice-fritters

  • That reminds me, not had a Kimcheese from Lanark Coffee since summer. Might have to pop out for one today.

  • Grab us one plz ta!

  • Just tried the kimchi grilled cheese and can confirm it's great.

  • Nice en it. Will be having another as a reward after a sat morning ride.

  • I blame @Tenderloin

    New weeknight option unlocked

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  • I'm well up for this, might try scampi or fish fingers, but also seen vegan chicken kievs to try

  • Quorn nuggets works well.

  • Hooray for @Tenderloin I just hope that Chicken Kiev does have any feelings about becoming Chicken Katsu

    Anyhoo, gonna make this for GF on Friday night.. and attempt to batch cook golden curry sauce from scratch.

  • Have done it with:
    Fish Fingers ✅
    Fish cakes (those creamy ones) ❌
    Cauliflower/potato hashbrowns ✅

    I’ve also made fish finger katsu sandos which obvies banged

  • Fantastic work boss
    So simple isn’t it!?

  • I’ve never found making the sauce ‘worth’ it but you can definitely achieve a deeper flavour and I applaud you for doing so.

  • It is. And actually 25 minutes with 5 minutes prep for the veg. Tempura chicken worked remarkably well too.

  • Thanks mister, I want to avoid palm oil also msg, hydrolysed protein, autolysed yeast, sodium caseinate so I don’t break out in hives, which often happens when eating Chinese take away packed with flavour enhancers.

    The basic ingredients are all in my cupboard to make golden curry sauce, it’s gonna need a few attempts though, basically;

    Unsalted Butter
    Plain Flour
    Almac’s curry powder mix
    Tomato Paste
    Garlic Salt

    Once I’ve cracked this. Batch cook, then fill a couple of ice cube trays, pop in freezer for future use

  • Fair do’s and if you can get a simple version to batch cook and freeze that will still have all the convenience. my best sauce was actually Tim Andersons, which features banana and apple but was too much of a faff.

  • I love how people on here rally around a great idea.

    We're all going to be making 25 minute katsu curries for the foreseeable.

  • Josh Weissman has a good looking Katsu curry sauce recipe he makes from scratch.­ect-homemade-katsu-curry

    You could ditch the MSG and still be ok.

  • 10 minutes, pls.

  • Yeah, that sauce is an overcomplicated faff.

    Make-your-own is a 10 minute job (ignoring the katsu for a minute).

    (YMMV, IANAC, Personal Preference Notwithstanding, Batteries Not Included)

  • I jumped on the bandwagon and made this too, it was ok but pre bought chicken kievs have that slightly nasty grey, cheap meat texture and I couldn't find any free range. Plus I thought the garlic butter was unnecessary given the sauce. How much longer can it really take to bread a chicken breast myself? We shall see

  • It doesn't take that much time - 20 minutes from skinless breast to plate maybe?

    1. Butterfly* & bash flat
    2. Dredge in cornflower / plain flour
    3. Dip in beaten egg
    4. Dip in panko**
    5. Shallow fry

    Longer if you marinate the chicken in rice wine & soy before hand.

    * Wrapping a rolling pin in clingfilm & the chicken between clingfilm seems to work well
    ** I've tried with DIY breadcrumbs, but it just doesn't compare with the shop bought stuff

  • For the quick curry I usually use some breaded fish.

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