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  • Chicken kiev

    That is pretty genius.

  • I like the kiev upgrade and will be stealing that.

    We usually go for

    Chicken/Turkey/Veg substitute "escalopes"
    Microwave brown rice
    Golden curry sauce
    Whatever veg takes our fancy.

  • Sorry my guy - I’m a sensitive soul these days

  • Golden Curry is a revelation. Now I see it like ketchup or beans - you could probably make your own but it would be a faff and probably not as nice.

    Here's my vegetarian (actually vegan) take from last night. Presumably less desirable on here but I'm told it was tasty. Cold and mouth ulcers on my tongue meant I could only taste spicy and bitter, much like my current mood. The "hot" version of Golden Curry does have a little kick.

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  • For those in Lewisham, a big recommendation for A Touch of Class Caribbean Kitchen on Lee High Road.

    Incredibly succulent and smoky jerk chicken. Curry goat always great. Good value price wise too.

    Google reviews are a bit odd. Its either 5 star reviews raving about the food or one star with people complaining that service was shit or perplexingly claiming that its actual a barber shop and they cook the food in the toilets....which seems a little mental and provably untrue if you visit the place.

    5 star food hygiene rating. Well worth a try imho.

  • Ta, looks good

  • Does anyone remember a Herman ze German or something similar in Farringdon?

  • No hate for veggie/vegan Katsu curry - it’s a perfect option. I love it with some roasted button mushrooms or cauliflower hashbrowns

  • That looks good - Is that tofu?

    you could probably make your own but it would be a faff

    Curry sauce is surprisingly easy, even when you make your own curry powder.

    and probably not as nice.

    I'd have to vehemently disagree on that front.


    My curry sauce is vegan, without even aiming for it. Then again, I don't use a flour roux, but coconut milk to thicken instead.

  • I did make it from scratch twice (two different recipes) and it was decent but I felt like the effort to reward ratio wasn't as good as for a lot of other things I make.

    It was tofu, with panko breadcrumbs, black pepper and sesame coating. It wouldn't hold up on its own but it's good with the sauce.

  • Have a go marinading it in rice wine & soy / tamari for 15 / 20 minutes before. Maybe a bit of sesame oil too.

    I get the whole reward ratio. I like the process though.

  • Kimchi and cheese toasty. Perfect for that after a cold ride stuff your face.

  • You inspired me to do this on Friday. It banged.

  • Fuck yeah. I’m going to go home tonight and make sprout kimchi.

  • In preparation for thanksgiving, I’ve been practicing OG Texan pecan pie (@Aroogah).
    Custard>>>treacle version for sure.
    So good.

  • I'll try to get the recipe Mrs G did some garlic and sesame butter thing for the outside of the bread then toasted it in a dry pan rather than under the grill. It was delis.. Could go vegan with some vegan cheese /spread

  • Yes please. Although I’ve never eaten kimchi and thought ‘this needs more garlic’.

  • Custard>>>treacle version for sure

    Da fuq?

  • Your prayers have been answered:

  • Have you tried it?
    1914 Texan pecan pie...
    The treacle form only came about through Karo syrup. (apparently)­W94&t=294s

  • Yeah. But Karo syrup!

    Actually would love to see your final pie. I will add that video to my watch list. That guys channel is so fascinating - his ancient Roman and Middle Ages recipes are amazing.

  • Here you go.­grilled-cheese/

    We changed a couple of things.
    Used only cheddar cheese
    and used ssamjang instead of gojuchan. Also we added some lightly fried onions in the mix. 👍👍👍

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