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  • Ha. New page fail.

  • I found some turnip greens at the market today, braised them as a side for dinner and I was immediately transported to Galicia (even tho' they were accompanying fried flathead and plantain)... I love how food does that...

    Now that I know where to find them I'll be getting them on the regular, the most delicious green thing in the world! Search them out, so good...

  • Interesting, I will keep an eye out for them.

  • So good! I like them with Sausages, quite a classic Italian meal. Don’t often see them here but always get them when I’m in italy

  • Rodney Scott was in the chefs table bbq series, great story, well told, now has a bbq cookbook out..

    Rodney Scott's World of BBQ: Every Day Is a Good Day: A Cookbook­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_BEY3CNG70SP5W­WJM7SXV

  • What can I do with a fair bit of chicken stock. Got about 2 litres of jelly sitting in the fridge from Friday night. Bit done with risotto.

    What we have in at the moment:

    Squash (bit long in the tooth but viable)
    Minced beef (want to use it tomorrow latest)
    Spring greens
    Some other green leafy things I haven't had a look at yet.
    Summer turnips

    Various dried and tinned things. Lots of different grains, lots of different beans, flour, some pasta.

    Current thinking is making some kind of spring-summer go at finely diced root veg cooked gently in the stock, slicing the greens and adding at the last minute but open to suggestions.

  • Make a soup broth, with some of the veg and the mince, if you’ve got some Pearl barley you can add that in to thicken it.

    You could also make a pie of some kind (shepherds or hunters) depending on the mince.

    Both can be made large and then frozen for future dinner once you’ve eaten some for current dinner

  • Albondigas? You could riff off that with those ingredients

  • My journey abstaining from industrially produced proteins isn't going very well... Bought a free range chicken on the way home and chucked it in the Weber, I'm blaming the BBQ thread... It smells fucking incredible...

  • <<that green bean and coconut tofu thing looks amazing.

  • Thanks both.

    Ended up with half the stock in a very light veg soup thing for lunch then a shepherds (but really cottage but really shepherds because come on) pie is in the oven now with the rest of it.

    Soup: added pearl barley as suggested above at the jelly stage while I brought heat in. Then brunoise squash, the same size of carrot, coins of young leek, then shredded spring greens at the last minute. Best review is that 4 yo asked for thirds.

    Shep: mashed up mince while still raw until it was pastey, hot pan, crisped up and rid of all the water, finely diced onion (x 2), stock to deglaze, added a little stock to some cornflour to make a paste and added to thicken, more stock as it cooked. Carrot coins and potatoes in sep pots, layer of carrots over meat, drained potatoes and back on heat to dry out. Butter (too much, but also not enough), milk to loosen, whisk, layer, hot oven / lick stock pot clean. Currently waiting for it to brown and will go with undiagnosed greens.

  • OMG. I want to eat that pie.

  • We picked up some beef short rib on Saturday from our favourite butcher. Slow cooked for 3 hours fully seasoned and marinaded the Barbados way.. Sunday Lunch was ace

    however the Chow Mein / Stir Fry version tonight with leftovers is utter perfection

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  • Sorry mate, but that looks kinda rank.

  • My GF sent me this, a total legend.

    I discovered Kitchen Confidential back in the early 2000’s I was impressed with his honesty and openness to his life and experiences

  • .. well you didn’t taste it @Fatberg

  • Earlier this week I made droewors, yesterday I made biltong.

    It’s my first attempt at biltong . Took a 2kg silverside joint from the farmer opposite me, cut it into approx 1” steaks along the grain. Cured in rock salt for 90 minutes. Salt scraped off and then bathed in vinegar for 90 seconds, rubbed with crushed coriander peppercorn and hung in the dehydrator overnight.

    @scherrit @greenhell

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  • So, can I bang all the roast constituents on 130 for 3 hours or so (stuff that cooks quicker on lower shelves etc) and then turn up to 190 for half an hour and do a potato, chicken, cauliflower cheese, parsnip hokey cokey as required?

  • You can do whatever you want but is it the optimal way to treat the ingredients is another question.

  • Yes, as dj says, is there a particular reason you want to cook the chicken for 3 hours?

  • I had the impression that it took days / weeks to make biltong. Is 24 hours enough to make it dry and chewy?

  • Dehydrator running at 27C which would be close to daytime temp in SA.

    Biltong box is just a box with a uv lamp and a fan, the dehydrator just accelerates the process. Most recipes suggest a few days of curing, the dehydrator reduces this to under a day.

    I actually prefer biltong that is completely dry - it’s how I experienced it as a child, and you’d chew a straggly bit of meat for ages. This is made with much better cuts of meat so a lot of people suggest it is left a little softer.

    Also by cutting along the grain for the curing means when you slice it for eating you cut across the grain so it is much less chewy.

  • Great work @dancing james

    your biltong method looks like a great way to cure seasoned meat, thanks for sharing your experience. Enjoy

  • Thanks. Looks nice.

    I've had SA biltong and it does provide a bit of jaw workout. I think yours looks nicer.

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