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  • Made gnocchi the other day with brown sage butter; can't remember the last time I enjoyed making something so simple

  • Earlier this week I did homemade spaghetti and tossed it with garlic softened in butter and olive oil with a bit of pecorino. On a day I had been doing stuff outdoors it felt like it was one of the most satisfying and tasty meals.

  • I had a Whopper meal in the Millennium Leisure Park parking lot last night. It was glorious.

  • Went to Rinkoffs for the first time after a run. They had no crodoughs, gutted.

  • My office is ridiculously close to Rinkoff's.

    Had to kick the crodoughs in the end to avoid the inevitable coronary.

  • I am very jealous...

  • Can anyone suggest a decent silicone baking mat? Really want to get a Silpat, but I can't see them on anywhere other than Amazon...

  • This is a glorious recipe:­t/21/rachel-roddy-marmalade-cake-recipe

    I've made it twice in last fortnight using homemade marmalade (second time with 150% of the quantities as it seems to be designed for a pretty small tin).

    It's been cracking both times and doesn't hang around long.

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  • Making this next weekend

    Wife made this yesterday which is perf with a cup of tea

    I made these Bulgogi beef meatloaf sandos on Saturday which were also excellent with some beers

  • Where do you buy you gochugaru?

  • Amazon - havent found it at Oseyo or Hmart tbh so had to Bezos it
    I use it quite a bit as it has a lovely flavour

  • Take a trip to New Malden when lockdown is done great korean super mkts down there.

  • eBay has plenty otherwise

  • Caraway seed cake is so nice! Honestly, I think it's one of my favourites. It's the first cake I ever baked.

  • My mum made this amazing cake she dropped round at the weekend.

    Orange, polenta, rose water, ricotta icing, I'll have to ask her for the full ingredient list, but it tasted exactly like rasmalai. It was very more-ish.

  • These look great. Got a recipe link?

  • You know when you have had a pretty tough week, you think f@rk it I need a treat today.. that’s me right now

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  • Persian love cake (pistachio rose water saffron ...) might be of interest to you.

  • I can't imagine what that would taste like. Please bring some round.

  • Baking trays/baking sheets

    I have a large and a small Le creuset baking tray. After four years the coating is wearing off and they are prone to rusting.

    Should I just buy again or are there better alternatives? They’ll be used for roasting veg, baking cookies and a myriad of other things so ideally able to take high temperatures and be dishwasher proof.

  • Something in heavy stainless? 4 years is nothing these things should be for life.
    If you want dishwasher safe that's pretty much the only material that can take it long term.

  • Or alu, that's what a lot of commercial bakers use.
    Like this:­ay-pan-40912/

  • But alu gets damaged in a dishwasher over time. Although to be fair it probably takes years to
    get eaten away.

  • In years maybe, but this is 16 gauge commercial stuff, serious duty. We got a wee 1/8 size pan for our toaster oven when our coated steel one became uncleanable.

  • Our stainless steel trays from IKEA have been fine with all of that. They’re not necessarily nice, but I think stainless is the way to go. All of the alu things I’ve ever put in a dishwasher have come out with a weird grayish coating that took ages to scrub off.

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