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  • The one in Milan is really good too

  • I've been to the NYC one a fair few times and liked it. Plenty of tourists there but plenty of locals just picking up shopping too.

  • The one in Bologna is well integrated with a library/book shop in an historical building in the city centre and it's also a great place to shop/go for lunch/grab a drink and aperitivo after work.

    Being it in Broadgate it will necessarily be rammed with tourists, when tourism will be a thing again.

  • I made the Olive magazine Cauliflower cheese recipe with Comté and it went better than expected­getarian/best-ever-cauliflower-cheese/

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  • New York ones were excellent, making their own mozzarella in house etc etc. Lots of locals judging by how many of their staff greeted customers on first name basis.

  • I've got some short ribs from dugard, so will marinate them next week. Not quite sure what I'll do with them apart from roast/braise them.

  • I’ve still got 2kg of your brisket in my freezer.

  • At this rate I’m tempted to cook it and owe you!

  • I’ve been binging Babbish on YouTube. That is all.

  • If anyone’s looking for some good pork products for Christmas....­?igshid=xbkx6ymr12w7

    Our boys’ll be ready.

  • Beetroot pecan and spices cake with a sweetened cream and mascarpone icing. I have never used a piping bag before and am so saddened I’ll have to make more cakes to practice on.

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  • i have designs on trying my hand at smashing out a Beef Wellington for thnaksgiving (turkey is grim and there's just the two of us).

    it looks simple enough, that said - what should i be wary of so as to avoid making any expensive mistakes?

  • I'd get a probe for measuring internal temp.
    Make sure you duxelles is fine, even and moisture cooked out.
    I've found the gordon ramsey christmas one a good recipe - using cling film to get a nice tight even roll I find is important

  • It's easy. Beef from fohi.
    Mushrooms. Thyme. Prosciutto.
    Best to try at least once before the big day.
    Another vote for Ramsay.

  • sorry for recommending a ramsey recipe :'(

  • yeah i've been looking at the monosyllabic, subtly xenophobic gordo vid.

    "you wouldn't put dijon on there, would you, winkywink"

    think my biggest concern is over doing the fillet. i have one of those swiss army temperature probes.

  • Any guidance on which chefs I should pretend not to like?

    1. Yottolenghi
    2. Gordon Ramsey
    3. ...
  • JaMeS maRTiN

  • i don't have a food processor to make shroomslurry... NutriBullet is gonna have to stand in.

  • Jerusalem artichokes from the garden. The effects are just kicking in.

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  • Have you injured your chopping hand?

  • tragic handpuppet injury.

  • Never heard of him. How about Anthony Bourdain? And Marco Pierre White? Just going over the names on our bookshelves that might be controversial.

  • Also, love this recipe from . My plating and shit lighting doesn’t do it justice.­s/sri-lankan-green-bean-curry-recipe

    With home made naans, We like them but I’m still not sure if they’re ‘proper’ naans. But I’m also not sure if that matters.

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  • Still going?

    Last time we had them I was trumping through to the next lunchtime

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