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  • Not a bad way to spend a Sunday

  • Those look delish! Always a cookie monster when I was a kid, I remember sharing a bucket of my mom's frozen (nobody got time to thaw) sour cream cookies with friends while watching batman after school.

  • Braised beef cheeks with chorizo with a bit of Gochujang is highly recommended

  • Had a ton of work this weekend so kind of forgot to cook today. And our oven remains broken. Near the end of our week of veg box so not many options jumped out. Kiddo also especially fussy at the moment so I couldn't risk one-potting it and have him finish after a mouthful.

    Pan 1
    Cubed a crown prince squash, fried with a little oil and butter, some shallots cut into rings, some thinly sliced ceps we found on Friday. Added a teaspoon of honey but it really didn't need it.

    Pan 2
    Washed and thinly sliced some summer greens, into a hot pan, followed by a touch of water. Boshed some pesto together from some frozen basil / frozen garlic / grana padano / extra virgin / pinenuts. Stirred it into the greens and raised the heat.

    Pan 3
    Arborio into thicc saucepan. Toasted with a little oil. No time to mess with stocks or wine so just added a knorr veg stockpot (yep) and stirred for 30 mins, topping up with a few mil of water at a time. Knob of butter just before serving, some grated parm. Autumn for days.

  • Leftover roast chicken pho is happening.

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  • I made my grandmother's Soto Ayam, or as close as I could get to it. One of the few dishes I get sentimental over, in true Indonesian grandmother for whom you're always too skinny style I went for triple carbs with noodles, rice, and potatoes. Next time I need to figure out where to get kemiri nuts, but it was still mega without.

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  • That looks awesome. I love Indonesian food. Was gonna make some gado gado later this week.

  • Sounds good other than honey in with squash and mushroom.
    You buying frozen garlic/basil or make it yourself?

  • Bought basil (tried to freeze herbs years ago and just got discoloured and haven't tried since)
    Froze a big batch of garlic from our allotment, doesn't look pretty but does the job.

  • Chop it before freezing it?

  • Yeah, I've taken to doing this. Made about 2kg of mirepoix when we moved in and did a load of garlic. The bought stuff is kinda pricey but having ready to go chopped veg is such a time saver for those days you're rushed but still want to do a proper job of it.

  • Any thoughts on what to do with a bunch of parsnips and yellow bell peppers?
    We’ve got an over abundance in our veg box.
    Thinking soup for starters but any other suggestions welcomed..

  • Parsnips I'd roast with some honey and fennel seeds and eat straight away... I'd also roast the peppers, peel the skins off and chuck them under oil in a jar with some roasted garlic cloves and maybe a few sprigs of thyme? Keep them in the fridge, have them as a side... Yum!

  • Continuing the Indonesian tren with lemper, rice cakes filled with pulled chicken. In my opinion the single best thing from the Indonesian cuisine. Based on my experience there seem to be two schools of seasoning but the slightly sweet turmeric yellow chicken is the best version in my opinion.

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  • Oddbox?

    We just got parsnips as well, I don't really like them but I don't mind them in veg crisps so I was going to julienne them and then roast them with some salt and pepper and maybe a touch of smoked paprika.

    Persimmons on the other hand - what even are they?

  • @Tijmen they sound amazing, can you post up the recipe or a link to a decent one please?

  • Yeah, missus had mentioned making veggie chips with them as well.

  • I used this one as it was the only one I could find which fried the chicken in a bumbu instead of just poaching it with some spices :­e-snack/

  • Thanks

  • i picked up a pair of pretty dinky briskets at yer waitrose for fuck all. ordinarily i'd fire up the smoker blahblah but fuck that, so i was planning on chucking them in the oven at about 120, covered with a bit of red wine and beef stock to stop them from drying out - for as long as it takes to bring them up to temp.

    any other protipz?

  • I'm pissed off with the quality of garlic I get from my local supermarkets. It isn't a patch on the stuff you can get from a random market stall in France but those are tricky to get to right now.

    Anyone know somewhere in London that sells awesome garlic strings? Ideally Ail Rose de Lautrec.

  • Yes. And then tell me if I should please.

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