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  • I had heard of Bourdain somehow but had an image of him being some kind of brash American Gordon Ramsey-alike (I have no idea where this came from).

    I finally, finally got round to watching Parts Unknown and it's fantastic. It's so so sad knowing "how it ends" for him because he's so hugely likeable.

    Ugly Delicious, for all its faults, had been the best food programme I'd seen for its links between culture and food - but now I've realised that Bourdain was doing it earlier and even better.

    A friend of mine who lived in Myanmar for a few years said his show was loved there for the early episode they filmed there which focussed on something other than war and hardship - articles about his Palestine show say much the same. So sad.

  • Bourdain was great, I haven't been able to watch his shows since he passed... Too sad...

  • That sounds amazingly good. Cromer crab is one of the best loads of the dark meat in them better than lobster imo. Hope you settle in the new place well. šŸ‘

  • Yeah me too, I started to watch the HK one but turned it off as was just sad. He was great.

  • He was brilliant. The latest series with the film crew talking about him posthumously is really good but really sad.

    He sounded hard work but he just made brilliant TV and showed the best of the countries he visited.

  • Been using oddbox for the last month or so and weā€™re enjoying the variety of fruit and veg we get, means you have to have a think about what youā€™re cooking and are making different things, had a coconut last time and a pineapple this time in the box.
    Have a referral link here which gives us both Ā£5 credit if used.Ā­d=97930

    They deliver overnight to london and Brighton, and itā€™s nice to wake upto a new box on a Sunday morning.

  • What do you get your wife who hasnā€™t been able to eat cured meat for 9 months?

    This :)

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  • Lunch

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  • That looks so good šŸ¤¤šŸ¤¤šŸ¤¤

  • Congratulations (? I think?)

  • 5/7

    Congrats too

  • Thanks!

    Daughter born on Friday.

  • Ah, yes congratulations.

  • @Soul congrats!! Totally missed that reference as was distracted by ham

  • Congrats on the ham :)

    Episode 4 of Rick Stein in Spain is worth a watch

  • I asked a while back about veg boxes. We've just had a Riverford fruit and veg delivery for the first time - think we spent about 30 quid - the box was around 20 with some add-ons (corn/apple/cucumber):

    2 good sized corn cobs - 2.95
    1 kilo of apples (cripps pink) - 3.35
    1 medium sized cucumber - will probably order 2 next time as we get through a lot - 2.05
    kilo of potatoes (usually we'd get 2kg at a time)
    1 kilo of bananas (about 4 or 5 good sized ones by the looks of it)
    about 5 large white onions (barbosa)
    about 750g carrots covered in good devon soil
    5 good, large courgettes
    5 large chestnut mushrooms (beautiful condition -honestly never seen such good looking ones)
    a large bag of mixed salad leaves (no idea what's in 'em yet but looks in good nick and a tasty selection)
    2 good sized sweet potatoes
    1 large bag (maybe 500g?) of padron peppers
    1 small punnet of blueberries - beautiful zingy flavour
    1 medium punnet of cherries - not sure what type but they're exquisite
    1 small spanish watermelon - the hyper-sweet / 'gritty' variety (delicious but you wouldn't want a bigger one).

    Value seems pretty good compared to a supermarket shop. Mainly I like Guy and Geetie and what they're doing so had been keen to try for a while but no slots until now.

    I'd say that's enough veg for 3-4 days in our household. I'd definitely order a second slot but they only do Tuesdays here, so will supplement somehow. There's a local independent veg box (Crocadon Farm) that's available for collection on Friday for Ā£15 so between the two of them we should be sorted for (blueberri)e's and whizz.

    The fish market in town is doing a box scheme as well for Ā£10 / Ā£15 / Ā£25 / Ā£35 - we tried a Ā£10 one recently and it was wild. About a kilo of sole with a tiny john dory. All of it quickly dredged in seasoned flour, fried and served with a wedge of lemon.


  • Big Riverford fans here, been using them for years. Meal boxes are great too and have helped motivate us to eating a much more plant based diet.

  • I looked at the meal boxes but figured we'd really need to commit to eating only the meal boxes to match current value being spent elsewhere. 3 people, so we'd need to get 2 of the '2 person' ones (eating less probably wouldn't do me any harm but kiddo eats more than both of us when he's hungry) or 1 of the '4 person' but that's only a single meal so we'd also need breakfast/lunch/snacks etc. I think a couple of boxes is probably a better bet for us - cheaper and will encourage us to eat more of what we know we should.

    Getting eggs, butter, bread and milk delivered at the moment twice a week from Milk & More. I don't love Milk & More (know nothing about them and the site is a pain to navigate) but St Ewe eggs are nothing to be sniffed at. Excellent milk and butter, too. Bread is perfect for toasting but naff for much else.

  • Yeah, Riverford is great. Both for quality of produce and ethos of the founders.

  • We find the two person meals can often spread to a leftover meal for one the next day.

  • Getting eggs, butter, bread and milk delivered at the moment twice a week from Milk & More. I don't love Milk & More (know nothing about them and the site is a pain to navigate)

    They're owned by the big dairy, MĆ¼ller. We tried using them but every order had stuff missing and the refund process seems to be designed to be awkward.

  • Does Riverford deliver anywhere? All the London based box deliveries I have looked at before
    had a limited radius.

  • That's interesting. Didn't look it up before ordering tbh. Was so excited at the prospect of glass milk bottle deliveries and kiddo loves opening the door to find it all waiting for him to bring in in the morning. The only trouble we've had has been the seagulls beating us to our bread but we put a box out there and that solved it. We did order a box of broken biscuits on our first try with them but they were out of stock and we had a nice handwritten note from the driver. It's also surprising that a big business like MĆ¼ller can't spend the money to get a website right. It really is fiddly to use, slow loading, easy to make mistakes. Riverford by comparison was a dream.

  • By the sound of things it's pretty dependent on which depot they're coming from. Ours is Enfield which doesn't seem great.

  • Sure, classic present "it's just for you honey.."
    I see what you did there.

    EDIT: Also congrats, like others I was distracted.

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