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  • If you read about a man in Gloucestershire who has drowned in his own saliva...

  • One of the things that really improved my cooking was a kitchen notebook from my wife who kept asking me to cook stuff I'd freestyled previously and forgotten about. So simple but it really has its place. It's great to create new things and refine them every time or make notes about what to do differently in existing recipes.

    Of course I have to hide it from visitors who would no doubt think I was an even bigger cunt than I am if they saw me whistfully scribbling into a notebook like a food writer wannabe.

  • Just to worsen the drowning, that brought back memories of Cunza (aka Pesto Modenese), although I would add tiny bits of cured guanciale or pancetta to it.

  • This is a good idea.

  • Used the hand blender on today's dressing (e.v.o., lemon juice, dijon, honey, dill, salt and pepper) and turned it into a sort of mayonnayse instead of emulsion.
    Still gave that touch of freshness to this barley, feta, Moroccan olives, radish and courgettes salad.

    I need to fancy up my vinegars game.

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  • Dressing, for yesterday’s smoked mackerel, rice and quinoa, salad

    Red wine vinegar, sesame oil, olive oil, Thai fish sauce, bit of chilli flakes, salt and pepper..

  • I steamed some silken tofu the other day and dressed it with a hot as hell szxhewan style sauce. To make it fancy I cut cylinders out of the tofu block and sliced them into coins. Just like how they do it in Chinatown.

    It left me with a load of silken tofu slivers. This recipe came up from a search and I made a kind of ranch dressing with it. Very American, but also very delicious. Recommended.

  • Prepare for a very N16 metropolitan elite statement (as @amey regularly accuses me of making).

    Does anyone know of someone making "small batch" tsukemono and selling them either via post or at farmer's markets etc?

  • In this hot weather I'm dreaming of just having steamed rice, onsen egg, pickles, and a light miso soup.

  • Pao possibly. Nothing on their website but I'm sure I've seen that kind of thing from them before so may be worth asking.

  • Dude make them!

    I think the most widely organic brand is Mori which I think Japan Centre have.

  • Thanks, I might have to make some. Got free time now to do that.

    I've made the 2 hour cucumber ones before and they're just so good.

    I'm always worried about sterilising jars so will just have to make an effort to do it right.

  • Thanks lovely and thank you kati xxx

  • Looks great.
    Belazu do fantastic vinegars, and oils for that matter.

    I love their apple vinegar in dressings - it's amazingly fruity without the sharpness of many cider vinegars.­r

    The early harvest olive oil is also great in dressings - tastes of spring, delicious.­t-arbequina-extra-virgin-olive-oil

    I get all my nuts, olives and antipasti there (the Balsamic Borettane Onions are particularly addictive) and happily they've recently broadened their domestic deliveries range so you can get almost everything the trade site sells.

  • This weekend is a massive sausage fest. My dad has given me the grindr attachment for my kitchenaid as a birthday present. It has arrived early but with a request that when he comes to visit next week for my birthday he gets some links to take home.

    Right now a mix of beef silverside, pork shoulder and pork fat has been rough cut and sprinkled with boerwors seasoning. It’s chilling in the freezer with the grinder right now. This is to avoid the fats melting in the mincing process. In an hour this will be rough ground, water and malt vinegar added. Will fry a tiny bit to check the seasoning and then chill again.
    Hope to have 2 or 3 boerwors coils from this. Will make Chakalaka to go with one tomorrow.

    Next up will be Italian fennel sausage mainly for use on pizzas and possibly in pasta dishes too. They will be made tomorrow to go on pizzas on Sunday.

    Am rather fucking excite

  • Do share how you get on with the attachment itself, as in ease of use. Did you get all of the ingredients at your butcher without too much trouble?

  • Ordered hog and sheep casings from

    Meat came from butcher, they were happy to find cuts of pork with around 25-30 fat. Beef came from farmer next door and was quite lean so got a little extra fat from the butcher too.

    Grinder looks pretty idiot proof, but famous last words!

  • This weekend is a massive sausage fest

    Sounds like a classic forum event.

  • Grinder looks pretty idiot proof, but famous last words!

    The moment I read this I had a flashback to a horrendous photo I once saw of somebody with their hand stuck in a meat grinder. Bits of finger on the minced side and everything.

  • This recipe came up from a search

    Fuck that sounds amazing!

  • My dad has given me the grindr attachment

    You must mean 'app'. :)

  • Did you get a brand new notebook to write up the recipes?

    Also, if you have the right ambient you could cure a few and have them like a saucisson. Might go rancid very easily with this heat though.

  • My first sausage stuffing

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  • A friend of mine recommended this recipe:

    I've only tried it on rice noodles so far and not silken tofu, but it's hard to believe something so simple can taste so good, and the video is so calming.

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