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  • Maybe some scampi fries

  • This is becoming a go to weekday meal.

    Hmong cucumber salad
    Kimchi slaw
    Lions head meatballs
    You can also put the meatballs on top of bok choy and steam it all, which is great with rice

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  • Ran out of risotto and none in the shop so made a pearl barley & pea “risotto.” Served with roasted white asparagus, crispy shallots, Welsh goat’s cheese, pink peppercorns and lemon/thyme/mint oil. Nowhere near as creamy as one with carnaroli but almost vegan..

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  • must tell the mother in law that's what it's called

  • Hmong cucumber salad

    Kimchi slaw
    Lions head meatballs

    Do you have a recipe as they look lovely.

    Thought your plate was a flat bread.

    @i_am_lono Those asparagus look delish.

  • Yes, recipes please.

  • almost vegan..

    Is that like making pasta carbonara and calling it almost vegetarian?

  • Mother in law will say,
    ‘nah, can’t see the pickled onions or topdeck shandy?’

    1982 walk of shame..

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  • Yep, but the cheese addition was “Fuck it, it’s there and we’re not vegan” rather than “Let’s make a pasta dish where the principal ingredients are pig, cheese and chicken ovoids.”

  • Victoria sponge cake today

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  • No, panda shandy nor shandy bass ;)

  • Memories, I used to love that drink when I was a kid

  • Last year my wife went to visit a friend of hers in Dublin. She texted me to say she had just had the most amazing cake, I asked her to bring a slice back.

    It was delicious, almonds, Cardamom and rose water in the cake and a sprinkling of pistachios and rose petals on top.

    A little google sleuthing and it appears it was Yasmin Khan’s Persian Love Cake. Well I fucking hope it was as that is what I have just made and seems appropriate as it’s our wedding anniversary today.

    Made a couple of tweaks to the recipe. I wanted to add ground pistachios to the cake itself so froze some and then ground in food processor (freezing is meant to help avoid turning them to a nut butter). Had some saffron from a trip we made to Morocco a few years ago so that went in too. Couldn’t buy rose petals so took a rose flower from our garden, removed the leaves and cooked in an oven at 95C for ten mins.

    Just waiting for her to finish work so we can have tea and cake.

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  • great looking cake and good backgroudn story - well done

  • Not sure you should have jizzed all over it, mind.

  • Simple & effective

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  • @Miss_Mouse - a once very active forumenger - has at last soft-launched her own home baking and delivery business while stuck at home for the last 7 months (first with a really nasty hip fracture and then covid lockdown).

    So for some (bloody delicious) cakes, sausage rolls etc check out her menu (attached).

    You can order and it will be delivered by her by bike to New Cross / surrounding SE area.

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  • I made my own granola this weekend, I know it’s not really cooking but I’d been meaning to do it for ages and the results are excellent. The issue is it tastes so good that I’ve eaten it all, already!

    I went for Oats, chia seeds, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecan, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts and mixed spice then combined with salt, coconut oil and honey. Whisked an egg white and mixed in. Baked for 45mins turning every 15. Once it was cooled I added dried cranberries, blueberries and banana chips.

  • Go Alex!

    Will share with my friends who live in New Cross

  • I got into doing this as therapy a few years ago. I got fat and poor very quickly. Dangerous game.

  • banana chips

    I was in until I got to this part.

    Then I gagged.

  • ^^ Gonna say, that sounds like some serious calories on a plate. Tasty though.

  • I make my own granola regularly too - I started when I could no longer get hold of my favourite breakfast cereal.

    It's a little more calorie dense than yours though

    (I use cups, as it was originally a US recipe, and I never bother to convert)

    3 cups rolled oats
    4 cups brown rice puffs
    1 cup oat / wheat bran (I added this, so I can pretend it's good for me)
    1 cups dessicated coconut
    1 cup coconut flakes
    1/2 cup coconut oil
    1 cup maple syrup
    150g dark chocolate
    6 tbsp cocoa powder
    1 tbsp salt

    It works out at about 500 calories a serving...

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