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  • I have seen a few whole sale grocers offering delivered veg boxes, has anyone used one of these and can recommend the service?

  • My one issue with Samin in SFAH is that she films with people on the show who are supposedly experts at this particular dish or process, and then proceeds to tell them what she's going to do and doesn't really let them talk much.
    It's like the "guest" has done all the interesting bit first, then they turn the cameras on and you get to see how much of what she was told she can remember on screen.

  • Just fucking let the person talk, Samin. Why are you interrupting them. They're the ones who have had the recipe handed down to them over generations. You're just there to learn from them.

  • Anyone make their own peanut butter? I've tried and failed before but have a better food processor now. All the recipes I've seen look a bit smooth but I guess it would just be a matter of retaining some bigger chunks and mixing it with the fully blended stuff.

  • Recipe? Just salt and nuts, no?

  • I made it in a Nutri Bullit once and it came out super thick and glunky, not very nice... My body doesn't like peanuts anymore so I haven't had another go, supposed to be very easy tho'..

  • That a list of ingredients, that's the easy bit. I suspect that, like hummus, there's something in that method that's critical to getting the consistency right.

  • Possibly add some peanut oil to loosen it

    I think it is properly made my crushing or grinding which releases more of the oil in the nuts.

  • Been crrrraving Bun Cha this week. Thiking about constructing a small charcoal grill in the garden for when I don't want to fire up the whole drum barbecue.­make-bun-cha-recipe-vietnamese-grilled-p­ork-rice-vermicelli/

  • I made summer rolls yesterday.

    Tasted great but looked like a plate of thread worms on a rotten prawn cocktail.

  • Sounds... lovely

  • I just overloaded them so they split and oozed everywhere. Some of the paper sheets were torn to start with so I was doomed from the outset.

  • This.

    Either a pestle & mortar, or your nan's mangle.

  • I read that as Man's Nangle for some reason. Oof.

    Well I just made Bun Cha for lunch. Great success! No pics because too busy eating. Had three pretty big leftover pork chops in the fridge, minced them coursely and added garlic, shallots, fish sauce and oyster sauce. Made caramel sauce for the first time in my life and added that. Made them into little patties and put them on a pizza tray under the grill. Without any starch to bind them, they're quite wet and fally aparty so you have to be very careful turning them. They go brilliantly sticky and crunchy though which I assume is the genius of the caramel sauce.

    The dipping sauce is just sugar, lemon juice, water, garlic and fish sauce to taste. Added a bit of light soy and rice vinegar to sharpen it up, as I found it too sweet without.

    Couldn't find any rice noodles in the cupboard so just steamed some rice and served it all up with fresh mint and corriander, beansprouts and some picked carrots. Would have served with fresh chilies if i had any. All in all, easy and delicious and far more enjoyable that the work I should have been doing.

  • I made siu yuk or Cantonese roast pork yesterday. It was a different process to how I would normally cook pork belly. I achieve a very fine, even and glass like crispy crackling but I didn’t render the fat down enough and the texture to me was still a bit chewy. Had it with white rice and greens.

    Today will chop up leftovers and make a dirty egg kimchi fried rice.

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  • solid. gained the vague Mrs Hell nod of recognition. make of that what you will.

    leftovers are for the weak.

  • Recipe please, if there is one.

    That looks amazing.


    I would suggest cooking it for longer than the recipe suggests (maybe 30-1hr) and also worth trimming down any sinew before cooking. Chilling, cutting and piercing the skin yielded excellent crispy skin so worth the effort.

  • Lovely - Thanks!

  • Ta will try it report back

  • Yeah please do - I got the thumbs up from the in-laws and they’ve requested I cook it for them next time they’re down.

  • Doing bun cha again tonight. Will post pics this time.

  • High praise🙌 hopefully gonna try this weekend

  • leftovers are for the weak.


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