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  • Surprised corny hasnt posted about ugly delicious season 2; first episode is very ‘on brand’

  • Couldn't get through the first episode of S2. It's turned into a shit reality show about old mate. 'can a professional chef cook food for a child?' ooooher I wonder what happens

  • Found second season of ugly delicious hard going. First episode because “new dad” and all. Episode 2 on curry was difficult because of cultural appropriation, touches lots of nerves.
    Found the whole series, pretty fucking dense to be honest.
    But still enjoyed them.

    Think season one was easier as the foods they touched on were more ubiquitous, easier to figure out..

  • 2nd episode is curry?!?


  • The kebab one is good


    Used these guys for at least 5 years.
    Able and Cole have tried to hit me with a delivery van at least once.
    These guys haven't.

  • Lewisham market is miles away.

  • Cooked a chicken today. Put in eaten meat in the fridge, boiled down the carcass for stock.
    I put the chilled meat straight into the hot stock and put it straight in the freezer.

    Immediately realised as I did it that I should have cooled the stock first.

    Am I going to get food poisoning if I eat this stock?

  • I'd say the eaten meat in the fridge is your immediate problem.

  • I really liked it, but I was watching it with my newborn son so it was perhaps more relevant to me.

    I think the first series too sometimes had a clear focus for episodes, but sometimes David Chang's own life was a jumping off point for making an episode about something random - the Thanksgiving one sticks in the mind (with his mum calling him David Chang - I love her).

    It's strange, because I don't find him that likeable, but I still love the show.

    His wife is a hero though - all those things he caught on film and then put in the programme were a bit much.

  • Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix is great.

    Samin Nosrat is a really nice host, it's a really calm and nice programme with a great concept (like the book) and so far I've seen Fat in Italy and Salt in Japan.

  • I remember quite enjoying the salt one though it's been awhile, might've liked the others as well.

  • Why cultural appropriation?

    I thought his approach was spot on - I don't understand the food properly, the food doesn't have the reputation it deserves, let's find out more about it.

    Plus the food looked delicious.

  • Cultural appropriation in food is 100% allowed. Otherwise how can we fight whos biryani is the best?!

    I liked the curry episode.

  • Unless you're Jamie Oliver and you're sharing your hot take on paella...

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  • I am just gonna say it .. Is the 54 year old £700k earner you?

  • Aliases are so 2009...

  • PS I just turned 53, a spring chicken by comparison...

  • I miss RagazzoMorto too

  • Fuck, that was a great nomenclature!! Totally forgot about that... Time for a revival...

  • I might rewatch all the Parts Unknown again

  • Been smashing these for midweek lunches lately. They’re really good! Especially if you pimp them with some leftovers and fresh herbs.

  • David Chang is not likeable - but the programmes he is in are still informative, interesting and well made so I put up with that. There’s an episode in season 1 where he’s delivering Dominos and he throws a strop and wants to go sit in the car.
    Plus he had terrible dress sense.
    SFAH is brilliant and Samin is a super likeable and approachable way of cooking and presenting. I dream of the Foccacia, Roast chicken and Tahdig from that series!

  • I remember reading about that strop in this thread before I watched the first series. I'm glad I followed someone's advice to persevere. But he is a bit of a turd, even if he seems to be getting more self-aware.

    That foccacia looked amazing - oil, oil, oil, bit more oil, then some salt mixed with oil.

    A couple of days ago Floyd Cardoz (from E1 and E2 of S2) died of coronavirus. He was only 59 and came across really well in the show, and his restaurant in Mumbai looked great.

  • David Chang podcast where he talks to Morgan neville about filming ugly delicious and breakfast lunch and dinner

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