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  • Not a boat but the edge of our flat is the ocean.

  • Effra means bsns.

  • Sorry. Forgot to take one. I had this ready to go for a dinner and our guest + 1 cancelled at the last minute leaving me with 1kg+ of this rib roast all for me. I have tons of leftovers and this is my fiendish plan for the next week - cheesesteaks everyday!

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  • I'd happily die on such a diet

  • So does most of Philladelphia to be fair.....

    I cannot find provolone cheese but the supermarket sliced mozzerella and sliced edam combined make for a good substitute.

    It was delicious. Nap time now.....

  • Wholefoods sell provolone

  • Oh.Will have to look next time I pop into town. Ta!

  • Yesterday's lunch!

    Trunk fish, stuffed with mahi-mahi and vegetables.

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  • Joe?

  • Certainly prehistoric

  • Gratinated a load of veg in a sauce made of all the leftover Christmas cheese and cream. Fairly sure I’ve got enough calories on board to trek unsupported to the North Pole.

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  • Posted up in the bread thread but putting it here as well..

    The missus has a hankering for a bread maker, is there one which is forum approved?
    Cant be too big as we don’t have that much countertop space.

  • TIL my 2 yr old son loves membrillo.

  • Also more surprisingly (fruit and sugar) a very sharp gorgonzola

  • We have a Panasonic we inherited from the MiL and the Panasonics are the standard for breadmakers. We use it periodically and it's fine for basic bread.

  • I hear great things about ovens and iron pots.

  • Is there anything you do with salami? Was gifted some plain and chilli Calabrian salamis

  • On Pizza

    In pasta


  • iAy Carumba! Only just saw this...

    Try butchers shops, large supermarkets, or here:

  • Bread making update, missus brought. Russell and hobbs £80 bread maker and it’s been doing sterling duty, missus has a recipe from a friend, multi seed whole grain thing, which is pretty tasty.
    Only irritation is the paddle gets stuck in the dough and ends up in the bottom of your loaf.
    The design of the paddle and how it slides onto its mount, means there’s no way to stop this from happening.

  • Cooked gigot à la ficelle (lamb on a string) at the weekend and I thoroughly recommend it if you like standing around a fire watching a hunk of meat slowly spin. The result was lovely because roast lamb. Stressful for the resident dog, however, who thought it all rather cruel...

  • That looks amazing.

  • Have recently found this channel:­SCU

    Great resource for those of us craving the good stuff.

  • Sainsburys kentish town always have it - which suggests others must.

  • Ta for that that chilli sauce is great. Love the one with peanuts and tofu in. Interesting to see how it's made.

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