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  • Here?

    (Although I believe it's only vegetarian)

    Green Lanes is probably a good bet though.

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  • Really nailed one of our weeknight staples today, which comes together in about 25 mins.
    I put some jasmine rice on to cook, and get a pot of water on for my greens. Tonight they were broccoli from shops plus chard from the garden. They get boiled (adding leaves after chopped stalks and broccoli), drained well (squeeze a bit) and dressed in soy, oyster, sesame oil and a little raw garlic.
    Then I slash skin of a couple of sea bass or bream fillets, pat dry and fry them in groundnut oil in a wok, skin side down almost to the end. When they come out and onto kitchen towel, I chuck into the very hot oil a load of chopped garlic, spring onions, ginger and chilli, which goes on top of the fish.

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  • yeah we do something similar - often with mushroooms and braised baby gem in oyster sauce. If you have a rice cooker it’s so ez

  • I did a trial run of a Christmas sprout dish I’ve invented tonight.

    Bacon, chipotle paste, pumpkin seeds, a tablespoon of muscovado and some raisins I soaked in sherry for 12 hours. Nob of butter right at the end.

    It was an absolute banger but I think the sprouts need to be halved to take on and hold a bit more of the sauce/liquor.

  • Knowing nothing about Peruvian food, intrigued to see a restaurant has opened on Loampit Vale in Lewisham

  • I forgot you are local. Have you tried Levante Pide on the high street? Top draw kebabs and pide.

    The lamb chops are sensational.

  • Levante Pide­021498599740456960

    If you are lucky you can spot @Brave on Loampit Vale as well

  • I only go to the OG on Lewis Grove. Meze Mangal when I'm feeling fancy.

  • It's so odd that we always spot each other at the exact same spot every once in a while.

  • Meze Mangal is the boss

  • Oddly they followed me in Insta. I'm going to pop in there soon.

  • I keep meaning to drag the family there.
    That and / nandine in Camberwell.

  • Everest Curry King is 10/10, gotta be there early though

  • Top draw kebabs

    Surely it's "drawer"? Unless I've been wrong all these years. (Increasingly true)

  • Your right.

  • You are correct.

  • Dear All, I am collecting used cooking oil this week in a mad dash attempt to have enough fuel for a trip (yes, car runs on chip fat). Anyone in S London who works in a restaurant/ pop up or stall or has a serious deep fried habit and uses lots at home pleas be in touch. No animal fats, palm oil or containers much less than 2l though please. Thank you, Tom

  • We went to a Polish deli today and left with nearly half a kilo of awesome looking smoked white fish.

    Our plan was to eat half each.

    Thankfully I'm a curious soul and wanted to know exactly what we're eating. Turns out it's Escolar. It's banned in Japan and Italy and has to be sold with health warnings in most other countries.

    Why is it banned? Because if you eat more than about 150g (or less if you're sensitive to it) you'll succumb to immediate uncontrollable bright orange explosive diarrhea.

    Here's the Canadian government health warning.­ervices/food-nutrition/food-safety/infor­mation-product/escolar-adverse-reactions­.html

    Not generally what I look for in my food.

    Anybody want some free smoked Escolar?

  • Oh god!

    On our honeymoon in Thailand on Xmas Eve last year my wife and I went for dinner in a place recommend by locals.

    Nicola had a large piece of fish, no mention of variety on the menu.

    Finished the meal, left saying our thank yous and my wife asked what the fish was. Butterfish. Went home and googled it, nervous 4 hours passed waiting to see if she'd succumb. Luckily no ill effects but she's sworn off fish when we go back in a few weeks. 😂

  • Harringay green lanes?

  • Must have an iron constitution!

    I have read a few too many tales of people shitting themselves in awkward situations tonight. Some sites say that you're at risk for 36 hours!

    In other news, it was delicious.

  • We spent the next day (Christmas day) on a small speed boat going around a national park island hopping and snorkeling. Remarkably she was absolutely fine.

    Dodged a bullet.

  • Puffer fish is also good fun, if the chef gets it wrong then a squeaky bum is the least of your problems. Don’t try it at home.

  • I think I'll stay vegan.

  • Lettuce all be careful out there.

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