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  • It's kind of why I built a wood oven in my garden actually, amongst other things. There not much properly amazing pizza to be had in Bristol and the better places are £14 for a circle with stuff on (Flour & Ash being the notable exception - amazing pizza and great value, don't get me started on Pizza Rova, shite at the best of times...). I can feed a garden full of people until they can eat no more for about £25 and have a great time doing it. It's such a social food to eat but getting a £300 bill for a few pizzas when you go out as a big group seems at odds with the simplicity of the food. And there's fuck all washing up...

  • Speaking of doing things at home, I'm about to slice into the pork belly that I've been turning into bacon for the last ten days.

    Sweet jesus it was good. What the fuck do supermarkets do to their bacon to make it taste so much less good?

  • Pump them full of water?

    (sorry if not a serious question)

  • No no, was a serious question.

    Wasn't thinking about wet cured stuff though, more why their dry cured stuff isn't as good as home made. Although I suppose the answer to that is down to the quality of pork used.

    If there is anybody on here in SE who would be able to cold smoke my next batch, I'd make double next time to compensate them...

  • Ah, fair enough. It's been a while since I've eaten Bacon so the distinction was lost on me

  • Could be up for that. I have a basic cold smoking kit and the wood. I just use my weber kettle but have done loads of cold smoked mushrooms and even halloumi. I would be happy to experiment with cured bacon. @hillbilly and @mrs_socks can testify on my behalf.

    And holy shit. Grilled, cold smoked halloumi is amazing.

  • squeaky cheese tho...

  • squeaky cheese tho...

    not my fault you can't cook it.....

  • where i come from, anyone that expects cheese to be put on the grill gets their village burned to the ground.

  • The quality of all the bits, when on a course making bread the instructor explained it’s important what salt you use, basic table salt is really homogenised, whereas more locally produced sea salt etc have a broader array of flavour, not just sodium chloride.

    And you will probably be using nicer pork from happier outdoor reared animals that will have eaten a broader spectrum of foods which will add to the flavour and complexity of the end product.

    Decent butchers often have their own cured products which are miles better than supermarket shite.

  • Do you even Bertha's? Much better than Flour and Ash imo.

  • Yeah I have and was underwhelmed by what I ordered. It was a while ago when they first opened though so I should give them another go as they're about a 2 minute walk from where I work

  • The sparrwor is ace and everyone should go there also lewisham is a rancid, hate filled hell hole and should be avoided at all costs.

  • Sparrow is in a site that for the 20 years or so I've been in Lewi couldn't even keep a coffee shop open longer than 6 months even before the gyratory from hell was built next to it. I'm literally amazed every time I still see it still open.

  • staring out the window at a wasteland of under construction and under occupied "investment opportunities" and miles of dreary traffic didn't make it any less enjoyable, i guess.

    it's not like you could even accuse the owners of attempting to gentrify the area, it's that grim.

    still, worth the trip, try the cocktails.

  • pot/pan recommendations?

    Thinking about stainless steel with a copper core atm. Any brands I should be looking at? Durability top of the list. For an induction hob.

  • TK Maxx!!! Just keep going in 'til something good comes along, you won't have to wait forever...

  • Brunch..

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  • My circulon ones are still going strong after ten years or so. Don't stick and clean easily.

  • Le creuset stainless as suggested to me by @Aroogah

    Great heat transfer and come up immaculately.

    The chefs pan is one of the greatest kitchen things I didn’t know I needed, it’s the one that gets the most use.

  • Quick (and now obvious to me) making mashed potato using a potato ricer tip... Boil your potatoes whole... Zero hassle, so easy... I've always (at least) quartered them, loads of mess and squirting potato everywhere... Not any more!!!

  • Have you tried baking your potatoes for mash?

  • To be fair, there ant many London towns where the area round the train station is nice.

  • Foxlow is closing, last day of service is 28 June, 50% off bill if you book for lunch

  • No, but I imagine that would be incredible...

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