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  • Going to give them a roasting then I think; my wife is a bit spice-phobic so curries are usually a tricky option.
    @>>>>>> sadly they came without the greens. Is that what they call grelos in Galicia or is that something else? I remember the neighbours near my parents in law used to grow these skinny cabbagey-looking things on a scrap of land off the road and they said they were grelos when I asked.

  • Yeah, that's grelos... The tall cabbage looking things are collard greens...

  • If it was warmer I suppose I could have a cool glass of turnip juice.

  • I just made and ate a fairly excellent tartiflette and now I want to be 20 years old again when my body could take these things.

  • @Brave You were right. Marmite PB. Surprisingly good.
    Still think Manilife is the best PB out there at the minute.
    BulkPowder's Pistachio Butter is utterly fantastic as a fancy as fuck alternative.
    Other good things- Tahini + Honey (+/- cinnamon). And Taxnixi spread. (which is just a pre-made version of Tahini + Honey but with added cocoa- basically spreadable Halva.

    Second question- Best bagel out there in London town? (Eat at home). I'm torn between Rinkoff's for nostalgia and Panzer's.
    Schmear-wise- Panzer's own Cream cheese with their Lox is hard to beat.

  • carmelli's in golders green for bagels. so so so good

  • Marmite PB is better than i expected TBH. But nothing compares to Manilife double roast.

  • Marmite also really good on toast with a fried/poached egg on top

  • I mean that's just basic knowledge ;). Though for the full win you need Vegemite. Its better in a supporting role than Marmite.
    I think we've discussed the excellence of these spreads before.
    Avo + Vegemite + toast is pretty much the gold standard.

    @fredtc I hear a lot about this place. Will be checking it out after Passover.

    @Brave I still prefer the OG Manilife- bit sweeter, less lingering mouthfeel. But my wife is full for the D-R. The D-R as a cooking ingredient is incredible- especially in a slightly altered Maharagwe + Ugali recipe.

  • Avo + Vegemite + toast is pretty much the gold standard.

    Mmm... Forgot I had Vegemite in the fridge, that's what I'm having for breakfast in the morning...

    I wanna buy a tortilla maker, I need (OK, want) to be able to make my own... Any knowledge in here?

  • Not an answer but a fun watch:­yl0

    Don't know why I said 'not an answer' - it's literally a tl;dr 'how to'.

  • Can't get enough of Brad.

  • That's great, I'll be buying the flour tho', not that keen on splashing out on a counter top mill... I'll pick a press up online later today, can be had for mega cheap...

    Here's breakfast... We've got a new fruit and veg guy nearby, really cheap, fantastic produce including 60c Shepard avocados...

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  • Has Cenovis been covered during the Marmite/Vegemite discussions?­10-facts-about-cenovis/

    It's very good. You can also buy a salt free version.

  • No but now I’m intrigued. Where do we get this from in the UK?

  • Starting the Easter prep this morning.
    Leg of lamb for Sunday lunch, stuffed with anchovies, rosemary and garlic, rubbed with cumin, harissa and garlic.
    Have no idea what it’s going to taste like, but looking forward to eating it..

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  • My money is on it tasting fucking great

  • Ugh - just been told we've got an impromptu in-law invasion on Monday so my quiet 'just 3 of us' is now '10, possibly 12 and a dog'.

    I haven't yet done any shopping and have no real desire to do anything too complicated. Suggestions?

    Was planning a leg of lamb a la blackfoot but for that many I'd probably need 2. Maybe switch to a shoulder (or 2) and cook overnight when I get back on Sunday and shred it, serve with salads/wraps etc? Halp

  • Slow roast shoulder is ideal for easy catering. Emma did a great one last night, accompanied by rice and lentils.

  • Shoulder and a whole salmon? Bake the salmon in foil with lemon, easy to feed a few and delicious. Goes well with salad and wraps too.

    Lamb shoulder and whole salmon are the usual summer party selection at my parents house. Well, plus about 5 curries, wings, lamb kebabs, and 3 desserts, but my mum is insane.

  • Your mum sounds ace. In this instance.

  • I've never seen it for sale. I'll pick a few tubes up next time I'm in Switzerland, in a few weeks.

  • In line with Italian Easter tradition, handmade cappelletti (aka tortellini), stuffed with veal and pork mix, ricotta, parmesan and nutmeg. In a light chicken stock (too light, I skimmed too much of the fat this time).

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  • Trying to make a soya free soy sauce from this recipe­tute-recipe-for-soy/

    Whats a UK substitute for vegetable bouillon powder? Marmite?


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  • This has reminded me of Tartex, a product from my childhood that I'd completely forgotten about. I wonder if it's as good as I remember. Will have to see if I can get hold of some, for the memories...

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