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  • Looks like a bunch of wild garlic in the woods on the way to work - any decent recipes/preserving strategies for it?

  • Found some corn tortillas in the freezer, defrosted them but they were a bit cracked so not great for tacos... Cut them into quarters, chucked them in the oven and made tortilla chips, they were delicious... Will be doing this again...

  • We make wild garlic pesto with hazelnuts, hard cheese, olive oil and lemon zest and juice

    Or rinse it and spinach and put in a pan, wilt down, squeeze out excess water, season and possibly add cream or craime fraiche.

    Practically any recipe that has spinach it can be used as a substitute

    Or raw in salads

  • Nachos ftw

  • Next time, yeah... I devoured half of them with some hummus I made yesterday, really good, delicious corn taste and no rubbish on there...

  • My wild garlic lawn

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  • It’s that time again.

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  • BBQ? Or sausage making?

  • Ragu!

  • Usually use ox tail but went with short ribs this time.

  • Plus pork ribs and Italian sausage.

  • Wow, should be awesome. How long will it take?

  • This needs before and after pics.

    Meat selection looks awesome - where from?

  • Beautiful... I'm off red meat atm, this isn't helping...

  • Meat’s from here:­
    About 4 hours simmering then left overnight. Gonna shred the meat later today and eat tonight. Bit worried i’ve got too much liquid in so I might strain it, reduce the liquid then add back the shredded meat?

  • reduce the liquid then add back the shredded meat?

    Sounds sensible

    And tasty

  • I'm off red meat atm

    who are you?

    Is australia where people go to give up?

  • High cholesterol, gotta get it back down... Not missing it tbh...

  • Good on yer. I need to get checked to be honest.

    Not easy to take good pics of Ragu.

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  • Ooooft that looks good. Do you put any spices in there? I’ve been putting a bit of fennel seed, nutmeg and a few chilli flakes in ragu recently. Not so much that you can really identify them too clearly but find they round out the flavour and provide a nice background note.

  • I've got some in the freezer tho', was very tempted to take some out after seeing yours...😉

  • I can’t add chilli as the girl child eats it too. It’s just got black pepper, oregano and fresh thyme and basil. She flipping loves it.

  • Some overnight pizza oven business

    Roasted oranges at the back (for a dessert later today), a smoked squash, and some overnight porridge.

    The latter we schnaffled this morning with cream. I made it with some fat prunes soaked in sloe dark rum that I made a 4 years ago and have been bringing out for special occasions. A ridiculously indulgent way to start the day

    It was a nice way to use the residual heat from a warming fire that I needed to do after a few days with low-ish temperatures. I was warming it for a Moroccan spiced lamb shoulder that's going in soon for a low-n-slow all day. I'll make a dip from the smoked squash to go with the lamb and flatbreads (sadly shop brought, I was too busy riding, managing fire and watching S-B yesterday to make bread).

  • That looks wonderful, please stop!! I've got blood tests in the morning so I'm fasting... 😉

  • Has anyone dispensed with non stick pans altogether?

    The circulon non sticks that I bought about 5 years ago are definitely stick, now.

    I just acquired a de Buyer mineral B (carbon steel) pan. Only just seasoned it today, but it's nicely made, not that expensive, seems like it might be a good thing.

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