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  • moar porchetta action - nice! will make sure i go overboard on my stuffing.

    @Tenderloin - yes, think i will do a stock with the ribs, and from there, a gravy.

  • And keep the dripping, I've got mine in the fridge... A delicious, unhealthy treat...

  • Bouef bourgignon waiting for the onions. Mushrooms later.......

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  • These onions....

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  • That looks amazing, I've been dreaming of boeuf Bourgignon recently... I think I'm gonna go veggie for a few weeks, meat overload...

  • Meat, sauce, onions....say Hi to mushrooms....creamy mashed pototaoes, steamed broccoli and a fiersome red. Not sure I can wait until this evening.

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  • oooooooooooh nice

  • And all cooked in our new 2016 kitchen. The tiles were a brave decision. Nearly went for beige! But a holiday in Havana changed all that!

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  • Heading to vietnam for 16 days, hanoi to HCMC, whos got food recs?

  • Just eat everything! Jeez. I'm envious. Have a fantastic time.

  • Only just got to the part where it says to do this 8 hours in advance:

  • Need to work on my rolling; bit messy underneath... Still, should do the job:

  • If you're ever in Edinburgh go to Timberyard

  • This is what's left. I think I fucked up a bit but it was still delicious:

  • Ox cheek chili tonight. There's worse ways to end a year.

  • Nice one 👍 looks pretty good to me.

  • Top shout, how did it go?

  • You thought square plates were bad, it gets worse. There's a restaurant in San Francisco called Quince serving food off iPads..

    The dish is called "a dog in search of gold" video of it here.

  • I can tell everyone has been on a diet lately.. Pretty much like me!
    This Christmas I ate so much I started measuring time in kgs of weight gained, 4kg ago was still the 23rd!

    Here some Italian treats I was patient enough to take pictures before devouring:

    • Mozzarelle and Burrata from Gioia Del Colle
    • Bari's traditional focaccia
    • Horse meat cutlet
    • Cannelloni (stuffed lasagna-like baked pasta)
    • Stuffed squids
    • Neapolitan pastiera
    • Cod with artichokes
    • Ricotta and hazelnut bread with must marmelade

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  • Horse meat cutlet

    How was this? Genuinely interested, not trolling.

  • I appreciate it's quite a taboo here in UK, and even in Italy it's not as common (at least not as it used to be).

    It was my first time (or at least the only one I have memory of), so decided to go get it from this place that is widely acclaimed as a good horse meat butcher while visiting my girlfriend's parents.

    It was delicious. I had the cutlet and a burger, the meat is very lean yet flavorful and the texture itself was surprisingly tender, very similar to veal, but with a richer flavour.

  • Amazing. Burrata is my fav!

  • Our last office was round the corner from the Veggie Pret in Soho. Seemed busy so I had a look thinking there'd be a nice falafel wrap or some keenwa shit. Nothing appetising in the slightest, went to Berwick St and got a burrito. Steak.

  • fucking kwinowah. it tastes like fag ash sprinkled on a compost heap.

    i see it's weedled its way into our otherwise entirely respectable office canteen salad buffet whilst the meaty leftovers from the day before bowl has vanished, no doubt at the behest of some snowflaek milennial!


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