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  • Rumours abound that The Wiggles are going to represent Australia at Eurovision next year.

  • Presumably they won't be wearing assless chaps, or leather corsets.

  • I watched this steaming pile of shit for the first time ever because I was at the in-laws with everyone.

    I get Ukraine winning but the rest of the "competition" was total bullshit.

    Usually hate vocal stuff but can't stop playing this. Love how all the comments on YT are from Ukrainians going "our jury is a bunch of cunts, we love you".­6eM

  • Australia at Eurovision

    and what the actual fuck is this about?

    Why is Britain still in there - Brexit means Brexit!

    How many other countries aren't in Europe performing.

    So many questions. Argh, I feel dirty.

  • The only songs I've really listened to post-show are Sweden (which is just a really good pop song) and Czech Republic (which I'm bloody obsessed with). Otherwise it was all quite forgettable. Ukraine's song was actually pretty good - but I'm not sure if it's something I'd listen to in regular rotation.

  • And in a single email you have summarised Eurovision and why it’s so popular.

  • I started watching because of familial commitments and stayed watching because of Spain's arseless pants. I can't imagine this happening next year (or any other year I'm not in control of the remote) but let's see...

  • Fuck me, Poland's was the worst entry this year. Boring dirge.

    Give me more dancefloor bangers like Czech Rep, Finland, Ukraine, Romania.

  • Not a banger, but Poland's singer did an excellent job of actually singing.
    +1 on Czechia's entry, wonder if they might have done better had they not been on first.

  • I think a lot of the techno-adjacent entries suffered from poor sound mixing, they sound a lot better on Spotify.

    Agree that Poland guy can sing. My scoring categories are:

    • How good is the song?
    • How good is the singer?
    • How good is the staging / choreography?
    • How good is their costume?
    • VIBES
  • How many other countries aren't in Europe performing.

    It's not Europe by usual definitions of Europe but the ITU European Broadcasting Area which spreads quite a bit further east and south than you might expect. Presumably because coordination of things like frequency overlap makes sense over that area.

    Australia is just 'cause they are mates.

    (MateSong: Greatest tourist board advert ever. Unfortunate timing.)

  • I did win a National Championships here as an Aussie so I should be ok with that :D

  • 'Eurovision trophy sold to buy drones for Ukraine'­61628590

  • UK having to spend £££ celebrating Europe?


  • Rumour is it'll be held in Glasgow. Some nerds noticed that the arena has got a big gap in booked gigs for around the right part of May.

  • Where do I buy tickets?

  • I think it would be great hosting outside of London. Looking at the o2 and Wembley listings though they're both empty for pretty much all of May as well. Might be that there's more information about future bookings for them elsewhere though.

  • London is odds on for ease of travel, accomodation etc if nothing else I'd thought. (Although I guess Glasgow is still pretty accessible).

    I'd also wager Rylan for host. It's made for him.

  • Hope it doesn't come to glasgow.

  • Cannot fucking wait. I couldn’t give two fucks if it’s in the Outer Hebrides I’m going.

  • I bet it's in Glasgow and I bet it's the same time we go there with zero knowledge of it and then have to fight motherfuckers for trains and hotel rooms and curse another poorly-timed visit to Glasgow :D

  • Time it with a Rangers game for maximum fuck offness

  • Last time it was Scotland vs someone in some kind of world cup qualifier or some bollocks and the time before that it was Comm Games, either finishing or probably bailing on a LEJOG training ride.

  • You want to avoid 3-13 August 2023 then. Some bike stuff going on that week. Bound to be a few people there for that.

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