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  • Are you sure the word was homophobe? Why would a homophobe even enter Eurovision?

    I can't really remember any of the songs now apart from the yodelly one.

  • Australia, you hilarious jokers!

  • Colonialism alive and well.

  • An excellent year for part complete outfits from the juries.

  • oooo burn, null points from Ireland to the UK. That's definitely a brexit thing I bet.

  • Good to see David Bowie presenting the UK's results by hologram.

  • Ha!

  • Portugal? Seriously? Crywank shite.

  • Jan Ola Sant taking the prize for failing to conceal his disappointment/bemusement at having to talk to the third wheel of the presenting posse.

  • It is an odd one, but citing Wiki might be enough:­udek#Controversy

  • Anyone else here tonight?

  • Unfortunately. Ahh who am I joking.

  • Yes!

    Excitedly got Isreal in the sweepstake

  • I'm in too- am currently being sushed by daughter and partner on the settee whenever I offer up a comment. Apparently, I'm not taking it seriously ...

  • "That is a big dress! Can you walk in that? 'Cause I don't think you can." - Landslide Minor.

  • disneyesk dress getting some appreciate comments from the settee set, but apparently 'not one you could sing in the bath'

  • Oof!

  • Moldova: favourite staging so far.

  • Finland for me I think

  • chicken dance ahoy ...

  • I retract my previous comment, Israel for the win.

  • a certain degree of slacked jawed speechlessness from the settee at the moment ...

  • Frankie Boyle has been pretty good on sosh meeja tonight about Eurovison

    'If that doesn't make Ireland vote for abortion nothing will'

    First time I've seen any of it for about ten years and it's fucking appalling

  • Slovenia for me

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