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  • Are we still in it?

    If we voted to leave anything! Surely it was Eurovision.

  • Fucking hell, finally there is an advantage to Brexit!

  • Semifinal 1 on BBC4 now...

  • Enjoying it but it's pretty shabby so far.
    Nice to see we even imported song writing for our entry this year.

    Will be interesting to see the crowd reaction to the uk now we've decided to make ourselves look like a bunch of pillocks internationally.

  • I think ours would at least have made it through the semis, unlike Spain

  • Results are disappoint.
    Some proper shite snuck past the merely average.

  • Portugal, wtf?

  • We will doubtless be savaged. Should be quite funny.

  • My highlights were:
    Yodel crew
    Multiple personality opera guy

    Lowlights were:
    Irish twink
    San Marino Shite Disco
    Forgettable moon guy

  • I though Macedonia could have been a potential winner, surprised it didn't go through

  • YES. There's a Eurovision thread!

    Don't think Portugal got the Eurovision memo this year.

  • That Croatian dude.

    Fucking what!?

  • Portugal is the bookies favourite apparently.
    Greece and Azerbaijan are both pretty rad and going on my running playlist.

  • Norway is so close to being a good song... but they've missed it.

  • I actually quite like the British entry, but the Croatian dude nailed it.

  • Don't get the hype about the Belgian entry.
    UK did a great job.
    Swedish guys rings are creepy as fuck.

  • Take my money Sweden.


  • Bulgaria - born in 2000

  • Croatian dude is apparently a massive homophobe. Sometimes the ones who shout loudest...

  • I think Norway is my first choice, would listen again. Romania second for being so ridiculous, Belgium third just because I enjoyed it. Sweden were slick.

    Highlights: gorilla, big fat gay hater with three voices.

  • None of the voting time acts comes close to last year's Peace Peace Love Love.

  • Favourite was the song from Belgium. UK's entry was very good. Will be interesting to see how it does...

  • Azerbaijan, Greece, Armenia, UK and Israel all nailed it. Everyone else was a bit meh for me.
    Enjoying the storm trooper orchestra right now.

  • Australia pitching for some late votes there.

  • Bit of a bum note tho

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