Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • No worries. Post the results here!

  • Will do!

    Have ordered a selection of film from Analogue Wonderland (way too easy to spent too much money on there). I got some lower ISO film as well as I’m of cycling around Tenerife next month and presume that’ll be better for sunny conditions?

  • I found 3 rolls of this, expiry date is 07-2012... Is it still worth trying, it hasn't been kept in the fridge.

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  • Unless is got unusually hot or something it should be fine. Just give a stop or two more light and process normally.

  • Did you manage to sell this? I also have one in a similar condition and I wondered what the going price is.

  • Definitely worth shooting, this is my favourite black and white film. As said above shoot an extra stop or 2, might be a touch grainier but it’s particularly fine film so won’t be too noticeable.

  • The C220? Nah it never sold, I never really pushed hard to sell it though as I’m happy to keep it, just thought it would be a cool way for someone to try analogue photography. I think they usually sell for around £250

  • Fuji Silvi + Fuji Acros 100

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  • Ricoh GR1 + Kodak 200 of some sort expired.

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  • Leica M2 + Ilford xp2 expired

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  • Finally scanned some film I shot with a Agfa Isola 8 years ago, not the most interesting pictures but messing around with it got me excited about shooting film again.

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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