Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • Thanks! I think it's mine too, I've just done a c-print of it that I need to frame.

  • Contax G1 + Kodak Ultramax
    Yorkshire coast

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  • Olympus MJU + Kodak Ektar

    More Yorkshire

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  • Recently acquired a Pentax mz-30 for £15 with two rolls of film.
    Having read the manual iv got to grips with it abit but nowhere near as much as I'd like. I can't seem to figure out how to get the camera to shoot in manual mode. Dial is set to M. Apature ring is not on A(auto) and the auto/Manual focus switch on the side is flipped to manual. But all I get is the AV led on the view finder....

    Anyone got any experience with this camrea.


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  • I don't think it can read the manual aperture setting off the lens and has to be set from the camera. Set the aperture ring to A and use the switch on the shutter button whilst holding the little round exposure button left of where the lens mounts to change aperture... Does that work?

  • @YeahNerdz I like the train picture from the Ultramax post, very nice mood in there..

  • I'll give it a go when back from work and let you know. Cheers

  • Picked up an instax wide recently and took a few pics on a trip to Margate, really enjoying it so far. Anyone else got one of these plastic beasts?

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  • Really nice esp like the middle one. Never heard of that camera. Will have a read up.

  • I bought one earlier this year, inspired by a chap on Instagram who was using one for his lockdown photos (go_jmo). Have been impressed by the colours and really enjoyed it. Played around with idea of upgrading to a mint rf70 but was a bit put off by reports of a softer lens.

    I think the wide format is the perfect size, all the others seem a bit too small.

  • I was under the impression it' just a wide-angle lens, but the camera is using the standard size catridges?

    Edit - nevermind, I now realize it's using special, wide-format catridges 🙄

  • Rolleicord V + Fuji Provia 100 expired in 2013
    Cayton bay.

    Bronica SQ-A + Ilford HP5 test roll

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  • So... low ball Ebay Canonet went as expected. It was supposed to be working but shutter doesn't budge and I'm not convinced it's trying. Lens is a bit marked but maybe OK... And the mirrored rangefinder internal lens is cracked clean in half. Seller reckons it was OK when sent and blaming the postie, either way I've got my refund and the seller doesn't want it back.
    Going to isopropyl alcohol the shutter when I'm at the parents next week and attempt to glue the glass back together on the internal viewfinder lens. Maybs it'll live, I love how it feels anyway!

    @maxmurmann I've not forgotten your Oly trip, kinda blown my spend for now on some hp5 though as I have some gigs coming up and want to shoot some analogue with the Pentax. Don't think I've shot film at a gig since 2005 when I got my 350d!

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  • Good shout on that instagram, impressive photos! The Mint cameras are real cool but so so expensive, I'm determined for this instax stuff to be just for fun and not get sucked into another rabbit hole of spending loads of money..other than on film that is.

  • Hornsea... jesus; the terror of getting separated from my parents on the seafront.. but then getting taken to the pottery for lunch. Can't decide if that's nostalgia I'm feeling or bottled up terror.

  • That train shot is mesmerising, so nice

  • @atz they said the best is what we remember! The pottery was long gone before I moved to the UK. My understanding is that is now Hornsea Freeport.

    Went to Sullivan's for fish n' chips.

    @luke572 - Thank you. This was on the return from Goathland to Pickering in late September, the person on the image felt so calm and at peace I had to snap that moment.

  • Some recent ones from a Konica A4 with out if date colour plus 200

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  • Nice seaside shot, love the colours..

  • Olympus XA + Lomography 800 expired in 2013

    Local Fair

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  • Some summer Rolleicord/Ektar.

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  • So good. I really like Ektar.

    Your Rolleicord blog post inspired me to buy one earlier this year - it was a total dog so I sold it again fairly quickly but have stuck with tlr/squares. Cheers!

  • Cheers guys, it really does make me happy to shoot with the Rollei, but do struggle to nail the focus sometimes.

    Quite excited that I'll be able to pick up the RZ67 that I bought soon, been with my buddy in the States since 2019.

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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