Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • That's a consideration, sure. Has been for a decade, frankly.
    You never know, there might be a renaissance, like with vinyl..
    here's hoping.

  • Isle of Wight

    fucking nice

  • 5 rolls of Colorplus for £38 on eBay which is cheaper than when I bought some back in June.

    Supply will settle down eventually but I wonder if prices of Portra etc will ever come down. Last year I paid £7.50 for a roll of 160, last week it was £11.50.. Even the manager of the London Camera Exchange I bought it from said he doesn't make anywhere near as much on film as they used to.

    I'm also considering selling my last two rolls of Pro 400H to fund the rest of our house renovations..

  • I might sell some of of my boxes of 400H 120 if anyones keen as I dont need as many as I have kept in my fridge.

  • does anyone use and dev Foma films at home? It makes my stop bath and fixer all green, I think the films have some layer on them. Even if I prewash they do this. Is that fine? Just use green tinted chemicals?

  • My beloved Ricoh GR1 bit the dust lately and the shutter repair for it is looking like ~320gbp (more than I paid for it). It's sad to leave a camera dead, but I fear it breaking again and ending up being a money pit for a point and shoot (though it is a sweet one).

    Anyone been through something similar? Is this the way of electronic point and shoots?

    Tempted to just jump back into mechanical 35mm cameras instead of digging this hole deeper.

  • I got my gr1 repaired by this guy he's in Russia but he did a great job for a price I didn't mind paying. He's got a warranty too.and very helpful.

  • Hey has anyone got a nice 35mm point and shoot they'd be willing to sell? around £20-30 maybe a touch more?

  • Thanks @YeahNerdz I'll check him out!

  • Underfall Yard, Bristol. Contax G1, Kodak Gold

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  • beautiful

  • Thanks man

  • Taken in Goiás, Brazil with a Leica IIIf and Summicron 5cm f/2. Ilford Pan 100. PMK developer.

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    • 2021-09-19_11-42-17.jpg
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  • @mrJL the colours, also that's an amazing workshop! Great pics..

  • @acousmetre ..beautiful shots, really like the mood, makes me want to be there. Amazing light and tones as well..

  • Thanks. Its a stone’s throw from where I work, as is the last workshop set I posted a few weeks back. Love a good workshop

  • Thanks a lot. All shot fairly early in the morning, although the light starting to get a bit harder in the second photo.

  • Heads up for anyone looking for some cheaper than usual film, have Colorplus in stock for £5.15 a roll or £28 delivered for 5. I got some delivered this morning so can vouch for 'legitness' ha.

  • Oh boy this to me is what black and white photography is all about, lovely range of tones and contrast. All great but the second one in particular is superb!

  • Thanks! A couple more. These were taken with the same camera and developer but with Tmax 100 film.

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  • whats the diff between gold and colourplus ?

  • This baffled me a bit as well a couple of years ago. Casualphotophile writes
    Certainly less detailed compared with Kodak Gold 200, and with a definite warmth and yellow cast, it’s a pleasant do-it-all film for shooting outdoors and in bright light.
    and I agree with that; I have found Kodak Gold is a bit more of an allrounder, while Color Plus is probably best suited to the bright / warm / sunny situations. I think it also has a bit more "grit" (in the palette), if you like that look it's nice with flash as well (there was somebody famous who shot portraits with flash on Color Plus but the name escapes me at the moment)..

  • so Gold is like portra 160 and CP is like Ektar

  • I've never shot Gold but I would echo what @salad-cunt said about Colorplus being better suited to bright sunny days. In dull conditions it's a bit meh and gets a'grainy and not the good kind' look to it. Wouldn't say its as saturated as Ektar but as above there's definitely a warm yellow cast to it. It's my go to for summer time now that Portra is so expensive, perhaps I'll try some Gold out for comparison but for 5 quid a roll its hard to beat imo.

  • interesting okay, thanks!

    never used either of those films in the past.

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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