Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • fucking F100 film door has plastic fucking knobs and both of mine are broke! I never slam film doors either. FFS.

  • What happened to built like a tank?

  • F100? it seems like its a plastic piece of shit

  • Any advice or tricks on how to salvage half a roll of film?
    Drunkenly knocked the battery out my konica A4 last night and it auto rewound the film with only 17 pictures/ frames used.

    Does anyone else's Konica auto rewind each time you take the battery out?

  • Search for "get film out of canister" on youTube.
    It's a faff, but it works if you're patient.
    This method was what I used -­cYU

    There's also special tool that help you pull the leader out but I never used those.

    Oh yea and obviously if you put the film back in your automatic camera you have to shoot black frames over the already-shot images : )

  • Does anyone else's Konica auto rewind each time you take the battery out?

    How does it rewind when it has no battery? 🧐

  • Sorry I mean it auto rewinds if I take the battery out and put it back in. Once the battery has been put in it will then auto rewind. So yesterday when I took the battery out by mistake I put it back in as soon as I could and as soon as I put it in it auto rewound while I had many frames left.

  • Any recommendations for photography blogs/ websites to follow? I enjoy reading other peoples musings on making images, being a favorite of mine. Also following the 'another place press' tumblr but any others I could be spending my time looking at when I should be working? TIA

  • Second and last roll of the M3 + Kodak Colour Plus. The scanner couldn't handle the clouds very well and didn't fancy re scanning.

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  • Contax G1 + Portra 800 ( first time trying it )

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  • The metering on Contax is bang on ;)

  • With Portra almost any exposure is always bang on.

    Edit: unless under

  • I was semi-trolling that M3 doesent have a meter

  • When you say shoot black frames over the already shit image's? How do I do that. Sorry if it's a completely stupid question.

  • I understood you want to try and retrieve the film leader out of the catridge, so you can finish the roll.
    You could use a manual camera for this if you have one; put the film in, set the camera to the fastest speed and smallest aperture, put a cap on the lens (or hold the camera under you sweatshirt) so you photograph "nothing" over the existing image(s).
    Shoot blanks, so to say.

    If you only have (or really like to finish the roll with) the automatic Konica (which will not allow you to set a fast speed and small aperture manually) you can trick the camera into thinking there's a very bright scene to photograph by aiming at a bright light, half-press the shutter (to make the camera meter the light / set focus), and then put it under your sweatshirt and fire, so it doesn't actually take in any light while it takes the photo.
    This works with most automatic cameras but I hear the half-press thing is a bit of a faff with those Konicas, so you might just try to shoot "darkness" (at night, camera under sweatshirt etc.) - it might leave the shutter open for seconds, you will hear when it's done by the sound of the film advancing.

    Repeat the process 17 times if that's what the counter said before you accindentally took the batteries out.

  • Hi thanks so much for this information I have a Olympus om 30 so I can do it the manual way as you suggested. Thanks for you help

  • You're welcome 👍

  • Selection of the test roll from the Vivitar ultra wide and slim, got 40 frames out of it!

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    • 2021-07-22-0008-01.jpeg
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  • Some Portra 400

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  • Cheers, caffine and machine is certainly worth going to if anyone is local to Stratford upon Avon.

  • Some Portra 400

    great colours in all of those

  • Managed to get back to my old flickr account, is it still the platform to share images, getting tired of Instagram memes..

  • Anyone using a postal service to develop films all the processing places near me have closed.

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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