Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • Found a dusty Olympus OM2n which looks in good working order but for the light seals all gone. Anyone recommend a London based shop to get this sorted, or a link to a set of light seals I can apply myself assuming it ain't to hard a job

  • If you want to scratch the Leica itch you probably need a real M body. I have the Minolta CLE and it feels a bit tinny. But if you already struggle to pay for the body you probably can't buy
    proper Leica lenses so there is not much point to it. The magic is not in the body.

  • @amey thank you. I'll have a look.

    @sohi great info, thanks. Is not about the affordability, but I've never used a Leica and droppin £££s on something I have not used before worries me. By selling I meant I have cameras that the Leica might replace ( Contax G1, unused medium format, duplicates, etc.) I see cameras as tools and investment.

  • If you want to try it and can afford it just buy it, and try it 💁

    You likely will not loose money if you sell it agin later, so..

  • Can you borrow one?
    But yeah, old ones don't depreciate much.

  • @tinakino - seems like the sensible option. However currently there is no M2 ( which I think would be the best suited for me according to the research ) on any site other than eBay which I wouldn't trust and it's also overprice.

    @hoefla - I don't know anybody with one to try. Will have to go to a shop when I next get the opportunity.

  • To me it makes more sense to spend money on an m body in nice condition and a cheaper lens to see if you like the system. You can always invest in the ‘magic’ lenses at a later date/ when you’ve found a buyer for that kidney you figure you don’t need..

  • Finally bought a 35mm leica summicron, looking forward to being featured by magnum sometime in the future.

  • Thats kinda what i done, bought an M6 and Voightlander 35 and finally after like 3 year have bought a summicron.

  • Hello people, shot about 4 rolls on my om30 about 200 iso to 400 iso. Looking at getting something that I can shoot at night. Seen portra 800 and cinestill 800t.
    Worth just getting one of them or any recommendations. Will be shooting in the city if that helps

  • Cinestill 800T ("tungsten light") is very suitable for low-light / artificial light shooting.
    It does look off in normal / natural light without appopriate filters though.
    So for late night - city light images it can be really good.
    When you meter carefully things can look a bit like magic with this film.

    Portra 800 is a "normal light" film and a very good one at that.
    Frankly you could also get Portra 400 (slightly cheaper / more readily available), and just shoot that set at 800, it's very, very forgiving.

    I recommend you take a look at flickr pools / groups of the two films and see what "look" you like more -

    Portra 800 / CineStil 800T

  • Ricoh GR1 + Fuji superia 400 - test roll. I've already replaced the window frame foam so next roll should have no light leaks.

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  • I like the one with the Biffa bins. Great colours!

  • Thanks for the information, iv recently won a roll of portra 400 and ektar 100 for £14 so could use the 400 for night shoots and set it at 800 like you suggested. However I do like the look of the cinestill 800t and the halo effects if gives around like sources. Not confident in my ability to set a 400 film at 800 and make compensations just yet ahah
    I'll try hunt for a reasonably priced roll of cinestil.


  • ..yea, always best to try yourself in your shooting scenarios and see how it goes / see what you prefer 👍

    Not confident in my ability to set a 400 film at 800 and make compensations

    ..oh, you just put the Portra 400 in and set the camera to 800 and forget about it 🙂

  • so sharp! great colours too. what were they scanned with?

  • @tinakino thank you. I'll search for a mattress next time!

    @sodha thanks, I scan all my negs myself with a Minolta 5400 elite (35mm) / Epson 4490 (120) and vuescan, some small adjustment post scan via Snapseed.

    Both, camera and scanner are great

  • Well in that case I'll try that if it's that easy aha thanks for your help, will post pictures of how i get on.

  • Got a roll of portra 160 back today. Still learning.

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  • Love portra 160, particularly like the first and last one!

  • Cheers, not sure what I was expecting from 160 but Im happy. It's a slow process learning and waiting for film to be developed but I'm enjoying it.

  • First time shooting B&W again in a long time, all shot in Brighton on 4ooTX film

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  • And some more :)

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  • Love these, particularly the third one!

    I appreciate this is niche but does anyone have any recommendation for places to dev+scan in Cardiff?

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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