Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • Or is it expensive because it’s good everywhere?

    It’s expensive now because it’s been discontinued by Fuji, and the remaining stocks are being milked on eBay and similar.

  • Tried out some Kodak Double X recently. A couple from the M3 and Om10. All at box speed for now, need to try pushing it as apparently that works well

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  • That’s a great idea I hadn’t thought of. Cheers

    You're welcome!
    Actually flickr groups are very helpful as well, as in:­ol/

  • Ran an old roll of colour plus through the m2, might have to buy some more if this sun sticks around..

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  • Hi all... is there a separate thread here for selling film equipment? I’ve decided it’s time for me to let go of my Mamiya 7 system in order to buy a digital set up for travel and work (traitor I know.)

  • ooo that top one is great

  • I’ve decided it’s time for me to let go of my Mamiya 7 system in order to buy a yacht

  • Can still get it for cheaper than portra 400 on amazon still.

  • Pretty sure a mate of mine and Harrison's took a whole box to the till and got charged a quid for the box once

    Yep, same fucker who had/has about 10 MJUs and used to find them for like £1 in charity shops and has a copy of Wolfgang Tillman’s Concorde book that he found in Berlin for €4. Eyes of a hawk that boy.

    It was pretty shite

    This is true, gave everyone the skin tone of a gammon.

    only got 20 shots

    Pretty sure this was not the case, I seem to remember them being 36, even so, it was still miles cheaper than anything else, even at the time.

  • Bought a roll of random 35mm film (some lomo 400 colour stuff) to try out the Fuji HD-R with different light and focusing. Scanned on the office scanner (blows up all imperfections, need to get the negatives scanned). Overall though, for a cheap and hopefully waterproof point and shoot, I am not unhappy. Got to find a better place to process the film without a doubt as the local place charges 37 euros a roll

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  • This is true, gave everyone the skin tone of a gammon.

    thats only if you 3 took pics of each other

  • Can’t argue with that.

  • Stuff that was sold in Glasgow was all 20 shoots for some reason.

  • Bloody hell can’t believe this is what they go for now

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  • More Contax TVS + Kodak Color Plus

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  • I like the 3rd one!

  • Thank you! My favourite of the bunch too.

  • Mate needs to scan a load of slides and wants to get a scanner. Most are 35mm, but about 10% are 35mm square.

    What’s a reasonable scanner?
    I know the plusteks are supposed to be ok but I don’t think they’ll scan 35mm square. And it’ll take ages as you have to manually advance each frame, right?
    Is the v700 still the go to for a mid range scanner? Is there a more recent version? Just looked online and they’re like £700 now, is that normal?


  • Obviously it depends a lot on the budget and what kind of quality your mate would be happy with.
    The Plusteks are a good choice for good quality (even quite professional quality if it comes with SilverFast, if you really know what you're doing, if you got colour-calibration etc.) but yes you have to manually mount the fucking slides in the tray and advance that by hand.
    We're talking about these kind of scanners -

    Personally I would do it (invest the time) because the quality slides can offer is worth it (assuming your mate did a good job shooting the actual photos).

    A quicker solution is a flatbed-type scanner - you'd still have to mount the slides into these things but can then scan like 15 of them in one go and see which ones are rubbish, only scanning the good ones again with better quality.
    In that case I'd go for something like a V700, yes.
    Personally I never had great results using these (for slides) but a lot of people do it so maybe it was user error on my end back in the day.

    Maybe "scanning" with a proper digital camera, tripod, and good light source under the slide is the better option here?
    @mi7rennie might have some thoughts on this..

  • My scanning workflow is using a copy stand, back light and a bit of anti Newton glass taped to the lightboard.

    Using a DSLR and macro lens to "scan" the negatives.

    Then edit in photoshop to invert and colour correct. Then batch apply the edits.

  • I recently got Epson 4990 to scan, it was £220 on ebay, virtually unused, came boxed with all the bits etc.

    Its doing B&W scans amazingly well, havent tried colour yet.

  • I started looking at this BUT it just feels like cheating to shoot a massive negative and then scan on matchbox sized sensor

  • You can take lots of photos and stitch them.

  • You can also focus on the grain unlike a flatbed scanner.

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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