Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • Saw this at the Tate M yesterday. Really good.

  • ^that looks a great show.

    Camera Sifu said he cant fix my sureshot. Does any one have or know a good reapir place that would do have a look at point auto and shoot 35mm. ill be back in uk soon so can post off when im back.

    im pretty sure its just one of the gears has lost teeth so not engaging and advancing the film as all other functions are fine . is it a total nono to open up as try if i get a gear doner camera. i saw same one at 2nd hand shop not working but could have the gear i need.

  • Ricoh R1 + Kodak BW400 expired

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    • 2020-10-16-0025-01.jpeg
  • Nice. really like the last 2.

  • Ho much did you pay for the camera? Point and shoots can often be impossible or not worth the cost to fix, sadly. You might be better off regularly checking ebay / gumtree and collecting it when you're in the UK.

  • yeah went to see another camera repair sifu this afternoon said pretty much what you said .for cost of the repair you can find a good one. ill keep hold of if until im back in uk then put on ebay for parts.

    gonna do some hunting when im back in UK, i think prices in the uk are cheaper for point and shoots than here which is odd considering most are manufactured in japan and photography is such huge past time in hk

  • B&W postal development or london based reccomendations? Used filmdev for years, have used AG photographic before and they lost my negs for about a month and came back scratched up...

    AG are pretty poor at the moment, I've heard lots of similar complaints about dirty/scratched negs.
    Palm have always been great for me with B&W, but that's as a Brummie local. Can't vouch for them via post.

  • Ive been campaigning for years to get a Defib installed at the top of Putney high st,,,,,,,,Why so long
    there dropping like fly's out there.

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  • ////

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  • very nice

  • A few recent pictures

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    • DF4F96AF-7D37-4E17-9F25-7676CD64AFF1.jpeg
    • FC3ADD6C-551B-424C-A3C7-297D97D37862.jpeg
  • At long last - proper fence photography is back!

  • It is my pleasure

  • Really nice esp love the 1st one of the buildings.

  • I like this one too

  • @

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  • .

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  • ..

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  • All of these above are cracking. Love the slipping masks above esp the mum and kids smiles.
    ^^ The beach set is great esp the tower and car one. where is this???

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  • Ricoh R1 + Fuji C200

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    • 2020-10-27-0017-01.jpeg
    • 2020-10-27-0020-01.jpeg
  • really like the first one

  • Thank you, the local Chinese.

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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