Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • Also interested !

  • I only use Film dev, get no sharpening and always ask for Tiffs. Prices are bang on and the scan in always happy with

  • I feel like I need a RZ67 I think it's format and size is a bit better than the 6x6 Bronica SQa I have right now.

    What money should I be looking to spend on one, prices are up and down on eBay some in the high 1000 odd and some like 600 ish.

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  • Thank you, I'll try them out once they reopen and post some scans on this here thread.

  • Took some photos on film for the first time in maybe 15 years.

    Not sure I've got the hang of it yet, in particular metering for different parts of the frame - most of these were shot on fairly overcast days but they look bright enough to me, perhaps they're overexposed?

    Fun process anyway, I've already got a couple more rolls back to go through.

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  • They look pretty good to me! Looks quite sunny in all but the last one. You can always knock the exposure down a tiny bit on Photoshop / Lightroom.

  • Last weekend I support my sister who ran The Speed Project, a 31.25 hour virtual relay race. Her team consisted of 8 women, 3 in NYC, 3 in London and 2 in Paris. They ran continuously from midday saturday to 7.15pm sunday, running in legs of between 30mins and 2 hours depending on the person and their level of fitness. The 3 London ladies ran around richmond, down oxford street, and around the Mall. The main legs were between 10pm and 6am. Here are a few bnw snaps I took on the night .
    Nikon 601AF, HP5 400.
    Sorry about the dust - I was developing them myself and my cat was hopping around when I was scanning.

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  • .

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  • Really like that last one!

    Also that sounds like quite a fun project.

  • I feel like I need a RZ67

    I'd honestly just shoot 6x6 and crop the frame later. I know this will waste a bit of the negative but really your Bronica should be ok for walking around, a RZ67 is a great camera but it's also fucking huge and fucking heavy. It's a studio camera.

  • Last image is great.

  • Olympus MJU II + Fuji C200 - Bridlington

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  • Nice.. especially like 1st and 3rd!

  • Got 5 Rolls developed, only got 15 on my shelf left.

  • Just a small selection.

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  • 2.

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  • 3.

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  • Great shots man, really like the portrait on top, grandma, and the third post in general!

  • Big up Jayda G!

  • Anyone shot with a Rollei 35? Been offered a nice one for £230 and I'm quite tempted.

  • Thanks man. Nice to see some stuff i shot even if Ive hardly shot any rolls this year.

  • A few from Washi F film, metered for box speed and developed according to what they said, still all came out very over.

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  • Dream like images. I like them.

  • mju i / c200

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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