Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • Leica seems to be all or nothing, you end up selling everything else to pay for repairs and/or lenses.

  • This is the initial repair but Covid 19 pay cut has basically reduced my disposable income.

    As long as I can keep my favourites I'm happy.....the Rolleicord and the XA are never getting sold.

  • Broncia SQ-M


  • Safelight
    has Fuji C200 at €3.90/£3.50 a pop. Even after delivery charge still cheaper than uk.

    Best place for Ultramax?

  • shot it last weekend

    really nice pictures, love the mood

  • Has anyone ever successfully fixed a shot counter on a rangefinder? The one on my Canonet is broken and it drives me nuts. I feel like it's something I should be able to fix myself but also the potential for fucking up is high!

  • There’s a few videos on YouTube such as this one on Canonet disassembly.

    As you say though, the potential for fucking it up is high. It’s the sort of thing I’d attempt if it was dead, and wasn’t too bothered about the camera. Otherwise I’d send it off for repair.

  • Ha yeah, I think I need to keep manual count and get over it. It's just annoying to get caught out without a spare roll when somewhere fun!

  • Light leaks- if a leak is showing on the bottom of the frame on a photo, the leak will be coming from the top in camera as it's upside down? Is that right?

  • No prizes for guessing film stock

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  • .

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  • if a leak is showing on the bottom of the frame on a photo, the leak will be coming from the top in camera as it's upside down?

    Basically yes, if it's like a common leak due to light seals of the back door being in poor condition or similar.
    I've also had a few ones that were more tricky to figure out where they came from (like when my Mju-II got knocked a bit too much and apparently some light was entering from the front, around the lens somewhere).
    Check the seals, use camera with case / without, take a mental note when you shot two frames in quick succession or with a gap (and a lot of light hitting the camera) in between, and you should be able to figure out what's up.

  • very nice, looks like glitter

  • disco ball wall

  • Cheers. It’s a Voigtlander Vito II folding camera that doesn’t have light seals and relies on a clasp to keep the film door sealed tight. The clasp has worn over time so i guess it’s not keeping the door sealed as tight as it used too.
    I’m trying to think of solutions that aren’t nuking the film door in tape like a Holga, but suspect that may be the way to go.

  • Thanks for the insight, managed to find a few small shops selling online. Definitely missing the days of £1 Agfa vista and £2 Colorplus!

  • A gem! Got mine (Zoom 105) for £30 off a mate so kudos. Just finished first roll - waiting to see results, very excited. Enjoy!

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  • Very expired slide film cross processed went about as well as it sounds it would...

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  • It’s a Voigtlander Vito II

    ..checked the bellows yet?

  • does anyone keep their old negs in any kind of safe storage at home?
    I've wondered about a fire-resistant box before - but in a fire I guess the heat would just destroy them, combustion or no combustion. maybe it's pointless unless you're a pro and they're actually worth £££ and could be kept offsite.

  • in a fire I guess the heat would just destroy them

    that's why you keep 'em in the freezer

  • We just have negative ring binder boxes with the usual sleeves... and a massive pile that need sorting out which the cats often use as a cushion so yeah should probably do that!

  • Hey - nice to see you back again. Yup - got a major stack of negs still to sort too, not that I've really taken any in years.

  • First roll of film in almost a year. Half taken in New York prior to moving to Los Angeles. It's taken me a year to shoot it. Mostly life snapshots and dog photos... Felt good to get it back though. Looking forward to getting back on it.

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  • Konica big mini + Fujic200 expired 2016

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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