Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • Olympus XA + Fuji C200 expired 2016.
    Had issues with the focusing on this camera so been adjusting the range finder and testing films. Seems to be working

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  • How did you adjust? I took the little cap off and adjusted it to infinity, but haven’t actually used it since. I also lost the little round cap and I’m worried about light leaks. Covered it with leccy tape for now.

    Love the shots btw. XA + C200 is a real fave.

  • That's what I did. Had 2/3 rolls to go over and test/check but feels a lot more accurate. I'm sure some electrical tape will be sufficient.

    XA is a great small camera. I want to shot some slide film I have somewhere .

  • Olympus XA + Fuji C200

    really like these. miss my xa..

    the one with the lake is really beautiful.

  • Thanks, XA is a camera I keep an eye for on ebay but prices are reaching £100+ now. Mine was bought as non working for £10 due to missing the shutter button cover which somebody here kindly printed for me for cheaps, added new seals and job done. I also like the way C200 renders blues and greens. Can't complain.

    Lake image is not a lake unfortunately, but the river Humber, very muddy UK water.

  • Ha, now that you mention it it does appear to be quite brown-ish!

    Anyways it's a nice photo, such a nice, calm vibe and beautiful tones..

  • It blows my mind how sharp a collapsible 70 year old lens is... All taken on the M3 with the 50mm Sumicron

    Film is Fujicolor 100, haven't quite nailed the eyeball exposure yet but it's getting there

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  • Awesome. Great page so far.

  • Few Portraits on the Colour (Color) Plus.

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  • Love those rubble bucket snake tube things, great shot.

  • Thats quite green for ColorPlus..

  • Second one it's great!

  • Hey,

    in a good way or a bad way? I don't really have anything to compare it to.

  • ..neither good nor bad -the green is just rather prominent in the images you posted to my eye, something I'm not used to with this particular film.
    Might just be the scanning?

  • Two asphalt pics from the archives.
    It's funny how some are just appealing to me now that I have a better screen; the old display really wasn't capable of showing the depth of some colours it seems..

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  • And some scaffolding cover fabric (these are all Portra 400 in case you had not guessed).

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  • Olympus Pen D3 - Ilford HP5.

    Just scanned with the phone, will scan them with the DSLR later in the week :)

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  • Got some film back from last October in Naples, such a relief Analogue Films is open again, spent most days now just editing photos which is a massive relief for my brain

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  • Good stuff! Love the colours.

  • And a few more....

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  • Also here are just a few of stuff I have been taking during lockdown

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  • The saga continues.
    Originally wanted my OM4 fixed as is was misfocusing. Decided I’d send it off, but then also thought I might as well get my OM1 done at the same time.
    Initial inspection reveals they both need a lot of work, to the tune of £~200 each. Decide to just get the OM1 done. Turns out when they start the work, the OM1 is actually too far gone to reasonably service, so they’re fixing and servicing the OM4 instead.

    Some part of the focussing mechanism had collapsed or something.

    Either way, I’m excited to get a decent SLR back into my camera rotation. And I’ll take more care of it this time!

  • and a few more, sorry for spam

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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