Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • It looks like I can get a Bronica erts plus aeII within budget, which seems like a good bet. I think she’ll find not having to use a separate meter valuable.

  • these are excellent

  • If you’re going with 6x4.5 also consider the original Mamiya 645 models (M645, M645J and M645 1000S).

    Can’t go wrong with either the Mamiya or Bronica 6x4.5 systems.

  • All good, love 1 & 2 especially.

  • Know its probably a long shot, but does anyone know anywhere developing film still? Taken this time off to put together a London centric zine, of which im gunna sell and give all proceeds to the Royal Free hospital

  • Filmdev are running as usual

  • Leica M3 shutter replacement? Anyone good out there? Anyone got an idea on cost?

  • Oh really! never actually used postal services before as terrified of having the rolls lost in the post, you reckon its worth it during current climate and all?

  • Ive used filmdev over 20 times and never had rolls lost (touch wood). Stuff doesnt go properly missing in the post that often, although probably best to send tracked and signed at the moment

  • After having a roll get lost in the post for a month before it surfaced, I always use Special Delivery when sending to FilmDev and haven't had problems since.

  • So a bit more story on the M3. I had a loan of it for ages and loved it. The owner offered me it for 800 but I didn't have the spare cash.

    They have since damaged the shutter and were thinking if selling it on ebay spares or repairs.

    I was thinking about offering him £400 for the body and Summicron 50mm F2. Then sending the body for repair.

    Question is, how much will it cost to have the shutter replaced and a CLA?

  • I had my grandads iiif CLA’d, including one of the shutter curtains replaced. Was £125-150 iirc. Used Red Dot Cameras.

  • That sounds like I'm going to get a bargain then.

  • I have no idea if the price would be the same mind. Very much depends on the exact nature of the shutter issue, no?

  • Damage to the curtain, apart from that it worked well last time I used it, certainly sounds like it's worth a punt.

  • That first one is bloody lovely.

  • Some recent expired slide on MJU I.

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  • Dreamy.

  • Any Mamiya 645 (original) users on here ? I have a metered aperture priority prism and it's starting to give 1sec-ish exposures when the meter needle is showing much faster (1/125s for example). Battery on the way out ? Battery check light still lights.
    Still works fine when manually selecting shutter speeds.
    Edit - Typically, it now seems to be working fine with film out of the camera.

    Secondary issue of the leaf shutter in the 70mm 2.8 seems to have died. Not a huge issue as I don't shoot flash with it much and It still works fine with the focal plane shutter in the camera. Tempted to take it apart though to have a look, anyone done this ? Doesn't seem to be much info on the internets for this.

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  • Nice but ...

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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