Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • Agreed - any more keepers on the roll @Turkish?

  • I'd def recommend shooting it overexposed 1-2 stops if the light is good. Most of these were shot at 800 unless the light was bad. Heres a couple more :)

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  • Banged out an ancient roll of Pan f 50 yesterday to see if the RB67 is still firing ok. Nice wee test roll. Shot at iso 40 and developed for iso 50, hopefully compensating for the film's age. Some of the negs look a little thin, but was nice to be able to bang out a roll care free.
    I've also discovered how totally useless the epson 120 film holder is, so I've got 2 sheets of perspex holding the negs flat. Hopefully have something to post in a bit.

  • Talking of TMax 3200....

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  • But TBH I prefer it in 120 and I think it really needs the right developer.

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  • Aforementioned ancient Pan f 50, RB67, 90mm.

    You could point this fucker at a dogshit and it would look nice.

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  • Pan f 50, RB67, 90mm

    love the first one and the spikey plants

  • Talking of TMax


  • Is this normal for tmax 400 to be so dark - in the unexposed area where my finger is pointing? I shot at 400 (box speed), developed in Ilfosol 3 for 12 instead of 10 minutes at 1+14. Stopped for a minute in Ilfostop, and fixed for 5 minutes in Ilford Rapid Fixer with plenty agitation throughout. My logic was that I would try and compensate for the unknown age of the film with a bit more developing. FYI iso 800 would develop for 14 mins at this dilution.

    The film is of unknown age/condition. The images seemed to have developed fine, will just have to see how they scan, but does anyone know if this is normal for the film?

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  • Is this normal


  • Sound. Any ideas why? Just the age of the film perhaps?

  • Isn't that just fogging from age?

  • Either flogging or fixer going off / fixed for too short a time.

  • Could i test for this by putting a strip of the same film in fixer to see if it goes clearer, or is it too late?

  • is it too late


  • Sadly, an extra 30 mins in fix has made no difference. Ancient film is just a bit fucked, hopefully I can just scan the fuck out of it.
    Makes sense that the 50iso lasted better than the more reactive 400iso.

    Fortunately I suspected it might’ve been knackered, and shot it knowing it could be destined for the bin.

    Thank you for your support in the troubling time.

  • Dogs in forest is very lovely

  • 3 from the dodgy roll. Scanner took a while to scan them, but really happy that it wasn't a waste. Gonna have to ration my film a bit. Can't be shooting a roll each time I leave the house!

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  • I have 5 rolls that I was going to take into Palms today and I guess thats not happening now!!

    Any idea on how to get these processed ?

  • AG ( sent an email round last night at about half 9 saying their processing lab was still functioning as normal. Have used them in the past and only had good results!

  • Do they offer postal service? my local lab­/ordering-by-postclosed the shop to the public but are still offering postal service, c-41 only.I was going to take a roll today, but i guess ill shot some more and send them via post if it comes to it.

  • So I just rang Palm Labs and even though they have closed to the public they are still working behind closed doors.

    Steve let me drop of 4 rolls of film but under the provision that they may or may not get done this week depending if they are forced to close or not.

    What a fucking guy.

  • +1 for Steve being great. I had some prints from him that got damaged in the post, he reprinted them and had them in my hands within 48 hours. Wish I could afford to do all my dev and scan with Palm

  • Great shots, loving the fast-film grain - I used to have one of those cars, mine was a Hillman Hunter but I think that's a Paykan or something like that - made in Iran

  • My scans came back from steve today at Palm Labs and im chuffed.

    Managed to get some of my fave photos to date!!

    Heres one of my motorbike until I upload the rest to flickr.

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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