Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • I hadn't realised the carnaby street Lomography shop had shut until just now

  • I have just googled it. Looks beautiful and will definitely try and make it there next time I'm up that way.

  • There's a nice pub on the harbour as well if that's your sort of thing!

  • Anyone know a place that will service/repair a Bronica ETRS?
    I bought it recently and it’s having a problem with the shutter not firing, or at least I think that’s what it is, roughly 5 shots on every roll are missing.

  • Miles Whitehead serviced my Bronica lenses and did a fantastic job, very reasonably priced too

  • Looks likes I might get a scanner upgrade to a dedicated film scanner instead of flatbed, not here yet to test but what's the best / recommended software between vuescan and silver fast? I'm looking for a good workflow in speed and from scanner results , won't be printing anything yet. Mainly archiving and digital display.


  • Just popped some film into Palm labs here in Bham.

    Very lovely chap and reasonably prices.

    Looking forward to getting the scans back!

  • How much is it per roll ? The website confuses me

  • it confused me too.

    I only asked for developing and scanned (images sent to email) and that was 7.50 a roll.

    I am sure its £9 a roll (35mm and a 24 roll, not 36) for developed, scanned and printed (normal 6x4)

  • That’s for low res scans. 35mm Medium scan+dev =£11.50, high res scan+dev=£16.50.

    That’s the price for E6, C41 and B&W. Whilst they’re pricey compared to Filmdev for C41, their B&W price is about average and the E6 quite cheap.

  • I have an ancient forgotten about exposed C41 - would Palm be recommended to handle it better then Filmdev? I don't even know what you'd do with it - pull or normal?

  • Id over-develop it a stop/push it. This is something Palm offer but Filmdev don't (for c41, dont know about BW). If the film is fogged then higher quality scans will be better for pulling detail out of the negs

  • Rubbish phone pictures of last nights prints. Should probably scan these on a flatbed. Phone camera doesn’t really do them justice.

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    • FB20309C-53AD-4569-873F-09EE2143BBD8.jpeg
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  • That second climbing pic is perfect

  • Agreed

  • Where's the climbing pic taken?

  • I'm sure I've asked Filmdev to push before...
    Why push a film which is likely over-dense with background layer of exposure? (I don't understand)

  • Red Rocks in Nevada, 2011.
    The route was called spectre, iirc.

  • They’re all great.

  • Thanks for the link man! I’ve been in contact with Miles and I’m going to send it off to him. Fingers crossed!

  • I've also used him to rebuild my OM-1N and can highly recommend him.

  • over-dense with background layer of exposure

    Is this accurate? My theory was based off the rule of overexposing expired film. Added contrast of pushing could cancel out some flatness of the expired film. Might not make that much of a difference but surely better than under-developing it

  • Anybody had any experience with the panomicron oxygen, printing cost, lenses?­

  • Having not heard of them, $700 seems like a big wad for what it is. I’d deffo rather put that towards an xpan or similar. Can’t quite see what price point it hits between an xpan an the standard 35mm panoramic cameras.

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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