Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • Shot that editorial thing today, went well, all things considered. Locations got changed last minute, and our new base had a deadline of about 90mins before we were kicked out. So we rattled through everything so fast that I was a bit flustered - I'm used to working a little more slowly.

    The last look we shot had more time, and the model threw a suggestion of going to a kids playground, so everything felt way more fun and relaxed. Thought I hadn't shot that much but I've just totted up and I shot 4 rolls of 120 Portra, one Portra 35mm roll, two C200 rolls, and the leftovers of a Vision 250D

    Will be months before I can share as the mag doesn't go to print until the summer!

  • Really? They always tell me to basically go fuck myself when I ask them to do it.

    It’s a bit of a gamble really. Will probably buy film at the destination and then get a local lab to process before flying back if possible.

    Hopefully the film companies can come to some arrangement with the airports so that hand check can be guaranteed.

  • ..wouldn’t get my hopes up too much, I mean, it’s just a couple nerds now who still shoot film, don’t suppose they will be making special arrangements for us, haha 🙂

  • I got 2 rolls back from Jessops earlier this week. One of the rolls has what looks like a scratch on the negative which is coming out as a blue scratch/streak on the photograph which is really annoying.

    Its also very inconsistent through out the roll as some have it worse than other and some not at all...


  • Thoughts?

    Dirt in the camera or fuck up by the lab.

  • Or grit in the canister felt before the roll was shot. Sad times.

  • Thoughts?

    Don’t use Jessops for a start. Otherwise, is it a camera that previously worked ok before ? Film stock from a reliable source ?

    I’ll take a punt on Jessops’ minilab scratching the negs

  • Yeah the other roll that I got developed was fine and also the same stock...also most of my rolls have came out the same camera and they have been fine, so doubt its the camera etc.

    Im going to start using palm labs tbf. Jessops is just quick and easy!

  • Anyone sell Lomo films (more specifically the 800) in London ? I know the Photographers Gallery does, but their stock is erratic.
    Anyone else ?

  • Anybody selling a film loader?

  • I think Lomo has a general supply problem with the 800, their Barcelona store only got ~20% of what they ordered. Shame as I really want to try it out

  • Feeling lucky

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  • Reyt, what are people's developing methods? I've got some Ilfosol 3 and been shooting HP5 at 400, initially developed at the lower concentration of 1+14, but have moved to 1+9, and I've been experimenting with constant agitation throughout development and I'm loving the results.
    Higher contrast negatives seem to scan a lot easier, even if I am potentially sacrificing a bit of detail.


  • Couple dark room prints from last night, hp5 on my Mju i, photos of the prints don’t do them justice (IMHO). Really enjoying the process.

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  • The tree is excellent!

  • Motz.

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  • A mix of expired films and MJU II and Pentax me super.

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  • .

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  • Number 3 is lovely

  • I like #1 very much.

  • Number 1 is 👌

  • Some lovely stuff on this page! Is number 2 Whitby?

  • Thanks

    @ltc you are correct.

    Some more from the same batch

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  • Really nice! Have you ever been to Staithes? It's a tiny, picturesque little village about 20 minutes from Whitby, you can walk out past the harbour arm on to the rocks at the bottom of the cliffs, it's really rugged and beautiful.

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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