Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • That second one is amazing!

  • Sorry for dodgy Instagram screenshot. I stumbled across an account for a photographer called Jack Lowe. He's documenting lifeboat crews using 10x12 glass ambrotypes. I think they look amazing so thought I'd share!
    Link to his Instagram here
    Link to the website for the project here

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  • Canon P, 50 1.8, HP5 @ 1600

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  • That 3rd one in particular is really good.

  • Last one is a real belter!

  • Thank you both !

  • Some more film price increases. Lomography 800 appears to have stealthily gone up by 37% from £18.90 to £25.90 for a box of three.

    Annoying as It’s the only colour film I’m shooting at the moment

  • This one?

    Out of stock at the moment but you might be better off ordering it from these guys..

  • Yeah that one. Lomography are notoriously protective of their pricing, so those prices will go up to match once stock comes in

  • Pushed some FP4 to 400, love the low light results!

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  • I really need to get better at editing photos. Wish I'd spent more time in a colour darkroom when I had the chance.

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  • More BW spam from Holidays. HP5 400 and 100tmax - mju ii

  • They're all great. Really like the 2nd and 5th in particular. Where was this?

  • Thank you! 1-3 in the Philipines, 4 Nusa Lemongan, and 5 Chiang Mai

  • nice shots man, thanks for sharing

  • Great stuff!

    Where are people buying their black and white film at the moment. Everything’s getting expensive!

  • Ilford is still pretty reasonable in most places in the UK, I haven’t shot any Kodak B&W for over a year now. I think TMax has gone up to nearly £10 a roll a for 35mm now ?

  • Process Supplies. Pay cash.

  • Hp5 bulk roll. The odd 120 roll of that too. Both from my local lab.

    Kentmere films are great but don’t save as much cash when rolling your own and the 400 looks a bit lofi when pushed two stops. No 120 versions though.

  • I finally dusted this lump off. Haven't finished the roll yet but it's been really nice using it again for the first time in years.

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  • Needs wooden handle obvs

  • Latest darkroom efforts.

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  • That bottom one is amazing, looks as though her heads sticking out of the print

  • Some rather under developed IR film..... mixed up 1:1 developer, developed using stock timings.

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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