Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • glass bottles

    Also use the smallest bottles you can to reduce oxidisation (we had these concertina plastic bottles that you could reduce the volume of, not sure if they're still a thing.)

  • concertina plastic bottles

    sounded like a good idea at first, but were a nightmare to clean

  • @Josh, these are fantastic.

    Canon Prima Super 115, Kodak Ektar 100

  • Thank you very much!!

  • First darkroom session tonight, loads of fun! 3 hours absolutely flew by.

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  • Nice! Particularly love the first.

  • absolutely fantastic shots

  • Any tips on printing zines? I’ve got the fucker laid out on Indesign, if I want to photocopy it, what are my best options? Cheap and dirty rather than archive quality. Just want to get it printed and sent out to people. 52 pages (including front and back cover), 13 double sided sheets.

  • These are great! This is probably a dumb question but I'm planning on getting back to the darkroom soon and want to economise on paper...

    When making a test print to determine exposure, is it necessary to make the test print the same size as the final print in order to get an accurate idea of how long to expose it for?

    I.e. if planning to make a 10x8 print you'd make a 10x8 test print

  • this place seems decent. Not sure I'd manage to print 50 copies easily for similar/less cash. The hassle saved makes its fairly economic at least.

    Double-sided photocopy is usually ~6p, so 13 sheets is 78p, and that doesn't include extra for thicker paper/card for the cover or binding, or printing the master to copy from. That place seems to offer a black and white, 52 page zine, stapled, for ~£1/copy.

    Am I missing something? Also, how thick does the paper need to be to prevent the image ghosting through the page - will 150gsm be sufficient?

  • Yes and no. The size of the exposure needs to remain the same, eg 10x8, but to save on paper, people usually just cut strips of the paper they are using and just test with those. You obviously don't get the whole image, but hopefully you can place the strip in such a way that it covers the tonal range of the image.

  • Nice one that makes sense!


  • First darkroom session tonight, loads of fun!

    fuck yeah, love all three, keep 'em coming

  • These are really nice ! Good job on your first session

  • Anyone took film through security in Amsterdam Schipol Airport recently ? Apparently they have new CT scanners (d0n't need to take laptop etc out of your bag) and it's damaging film. Some USA airports have them also apparently

  • Schipol are very on it, so if you ask to have your film checked manually I’m sure they’ll oblige.

  • Ye man, me and two mates printed our zine using Mixam ( shameless plug https://xrayfreeelectronlaser.bigcartel.­com/product/5128)

    We did a hundred copies and it seemed to be cheaper than anywhere else, plus the quality is actually really quite good!

    We did same thickness throughout, stapled, and all seemed good

  • Ah quality! Really helpful to know that you were happy with the results. Will probably just drop £50~ on 50 copies and go from there - keen to keep creative momentum.

  • Just got this roll back. I forgot how unforgiving transparency is! Most of the shots came out absolutely shocking, ha ha. Admittedly a slightly ropey old rangefinder wasn't the ideal camera to use it with. I quite like how some came out though.

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  • Love the first one. I always really like how artificial light renders(?) on transparencies.

  • Nice observations. Especially 1&3.

    I absolutely love slide film. I’d shoot it all the time if I could.

  • Cheers! And thanks for the recommendation of Spectrum, they did a good job and were ridiculously fast. Would definitely use them again. I do like slide film, haven't used it in years. I wouldn't use it like this again though, I'd have to have a specific project in mind.

  • Zeiss old (and older).

    1&2 Contax 167MT, 50 1.7 Planar
    3&4 Contaflex III, 50 2.8 Tessar
    All Lomo 800

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  • Lovely stuff!

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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