Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • The shop was sound. I got a text today before I went in saying that one roll out of three was actually fine.

    They refunded dev costs in full, replaced the three rolls of Ultramax and gave me a voucher to have the three new rolls developed. Didn't have to resort to any tactics.

    Got the two other rolls that were ruined and I can see the exposures when I put them up to a really bright, hard light source like a bare bulb. So they are really dark, but I will scan anyway and see.

    Thanks for the advice all.

  • Share some results when you scan them. I'm curious to see what detail you can get out of images that sound like they were just way over developed

  • If you use a light table and copy stand you have a better chance of getting useable images.

    Send them to me if you don't have the appropriate kit.

  • I had negs back from one time I had to use bulb on an SLR when it ran out of battery. Now thinking about it I can't believe I couldn't have set it to 1/60 fixed or something... but I was a teenager and maybe just didn't think about all the options. Anyway, the negs just came back black to the eye but they made decent images once scanned and pulled in photoshop. Also in the darkroom with long exposures in the enlarger. Super grainy.

  • I’m after some developing kit. Anyone got anything going? Need a dev tank, thermometer, graduated cylinders etc, and chemistry too.

  • I have a load of stuff that @Turkish was interested in but not sure if he's still keen. Not free but cheaper than ebay and all in great nick.

  • Aye I’ve got cash, just not enough for new! Let me know.

  • Yeah sorry for not getting in touch about this. Gonna have to pass sadly. I dont have time or funds to properly commit to learning right now, much better for it to go to @nefarious if he'll use it !

  • Cheers dude 👍

  • Thanks lads, PM inbound.

  • Anyone got a film changing bag for sale?

  • Actually need:
    All developing chemistry - developer, stop, fixer, wetting agent.
    Film clips
    Film squeegee
    Storage bottles.

    Anyone got owt?

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  • Some old ones, don't think I've posted these.
    They were shot with a (40mm fixed lens)Revue 400SE (and some kind of flash obviously).
    Didn't really appreciate them back then to be honest, but looking at the roll now I'm thinking that's quite a lot of punch in there..

  • Some pics back/ found recently. Been trying to play around with making images a bit more blurry recently after looking at some of Davide Sorrenti's work

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  • I like ‘em!

  • Nice, especially like 3&4. Some nice shapes/blocks of colour

  • cheers, glad you like 'em

  • Some old ones; Pentax 28mm P&S, fomapan 400 (i think)

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  • And some late night long exposures, A1 50mm/colorplus

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  • Good stuff!

    : ]

  • Thanks! (Tina right? What does the new name mean?)
    Edit: nvm just said it aloud haha

  • Also like, especially number 2

  • Canon P, 50 1.8, Lomo 800
    Quite like Lomo 800 now. The colours are quite nice, not overly grainy and surprisingly quite sharp. Also seems to be a true 800ISO film with good latitude.

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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