Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • Good old Jessops...

  • Anyone know anywhere decent/ cheap to get frame's for A3 + A4 pictures. Ideally something with a thin border/ frame ?

  • When people get their scans back, what is the quality like on the files? All mine are less than a MB per photo, some as low as like 600kb.

    Is that just due to my camera or would that be because of processing and scanning ??

    The ones you posted here look very good to me colour / quality wise.
    So they're high quality, but small size / resolution.
    Shops usually offer different options (and charge accordingly).

  • Be careful with Aperture. Just been messed about for a month by the technician there. Ask for a written report of what is exactly is wrong and ascertain if its actually/realistically possible to fix. Put a comprehensive focus test roll through as quickly as possible after the repair, even if they say it's fixed, then make sure you test it again.

    I wouldn't go there again for a repair for quite a few reasons in all honesty but I'm also quite stubborn and believe in principles.

  • Tbh I’d heard they were pricey and that they seemed to get mixed feedback.

  • ppp_repairs on Instagram, I never tried but friend of mine sent him some canonet before and he fixed it. Maybe worth a try.


    Very well regarded and fairly reasonable from what Ive seen

  • Yeah, Newton Ellis have quoted £55 for mirror alignment, or £105 with a full service. Which is tricky considering the relative value of the camera body.

  • Is the mirror alignment the only problem with it? It might be easier to pick up a different body, but you're still rolling the dice and might end up with another borked one

  • Yeah, just a body issue. I’m stuck, I like getting things repaired from a practical point of view vs buying again, but I am also a tight fisted Scotsman would doesn’t like parting with his hard earned cash.

  • Thanks for the film.

    Like a bike, mechanical camera’s fully serviced can feel ‘like new’. I’ve never regretted it. Whether or not your camera needs the service or not ... don’t know.

  • This is the mindset I should keep. Buying another second hand is a gamble vs a much better guarantee with a repair and service.

    Edit: I can always send it and ask if they think it needs a service. Most places are pretty honest.

  • If you know its a camera you will want to keep for a while it might be worth investing in the full service. Especially if a guarantee is included for any work done

  • Looking for a bit of advice on something. Just had a pretty grim phone call from the lab in the camera shop I use for developing. Dropped in three rolls of Ultramax 400 - 75% of the exposures are from a trip to the Dingle peninsula with friends last weekend and the rest are mostly portraits of friends.

    The yarn I was spun on the phone was that a belt broke in one of the machines and all three of my rolls were left in the development tank for far too long and are completely destroyed (I don't know the ins and outs of the development process). They were apologetic on the phone as you might expect.

    I said I'd go in to them tomorrow and sort it out - question is, beyond the cost of the film and the development cost which I will have refunded - I'm not sure what else I should ask for/ expect as consolation - a €50 euro voucher or similar? I was really invested in what was on the rolls which I will be saying to them (it genuinely would be different if the rolls were simply me faffing about and experimenting with things) but they don't know that.

    I have a business which we have an account that has spent in the ballpark of €20k in videography gear with them in the last two years as well which has to be worth something too (with the video department - the guys who I'll be dealing with tomorrow don't know this, I reckon they think I'm a student in my early 20s).

    Anyway - has anyone else had this happen to them before and if so how was it resolved? I'm not looking to rinse anyone but I am really, really gutted about the whole situation.

  • Anyone used Eyeculture on Bethanl Green Road for colour dev? Just eyeballing the 15+ rolls I've got sat on my shelf that need developing...

  • Yeah used them loads, I'd say go to Analogue Films instead which is Brick Lane. Quicker turnaround and scans are way nicer, might even be cheaper too

  • Honestly, can’t really leverage your employer’s purchasing on 3 damaged rolls - that is to say, would your employer actually go elsewhere because of this unrelated problem?

    Most places have a pretty regular disclaimer about rolls damaged in development are only covered up to the value of the film. Not ideal, but the reality. Getting them to cover the cost of the films and maybe see about a voucher/some free developing in the future seems reasonable. Unless you’re paying for a professional development service, I’m not sure you’ve got much clout in this situation.

    Edit, and to clarify, I know this is an absolutely heartbreaking situation- one that all film shooters worry about.

  • Cool will find those guys, cheers!

  • Thanks for this - the rawness of the disappointment is starting to subside a bit and what you say makes sense.

    Yeah, a couple of rolls and some development as a gesture of goodwill would be a good outcome for me.

    It wouldn't be a case of me going in trying to lever an employer's purchasing relationship (that would be a stretch!). I own the company and therefore do all purchasing of gear from them myself personally and have a good relationship with the video guy in there. To answer your question, it would take a profoundly negative experience for me to go elsewhere which I doubt and hope won't be the case.

    Honestly I would be a bit miffed if they didn't make some effort to compensate, but I'm pretty confident they will as customer service seems to be a priority in the operation.

  • Also, if it were me I'd still want those films back. If they didn't put them through the rest of the process (stop, fix) they'll be pretty useless now but if they were overdeveloped, even by a lot, it's often possible to still salvage an image through scanning.
    Wouldn't be 'good' but I dunno, if there were moments and portraits etc I'd still kinda want to see a murky overcooked version.

  • Escaped my mind - I'll do that. Cheers!

  • I'd avoid them, I know a lot of people go there and have good success but they've scratched my negatives a few times and aren't getting any more of my money. Rapid Eye in Old Street is good but a bit more expensive.

  • I mean, if it’s literally your company, it can’t hurt to say, “I like this place, I bought 20k of equipment for my business here, fancy throwing in a voucher or some free developing?”.

  • Yea, or just go all-in, like I like this place - fancy throwing in a voucher or else I just buy this place
    : ]

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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