Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • I really like that first one of the canal! Looks like it could have been taken any time in the last century (if you cropped the graffiti out).

  • Isn't isopropyl alcohol the go-to for removing gunky old light seals when replacing them?

    Could be the shout.


  • My Olympus 35RC arrived. It even fits into a roadrunner pouch I was trying to find a use for. Just waiting on a new battery to arrive before I can try it out.

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  • Bad luck continues. The ME Super I got appears to have a misaligned mirror, lots of back focus photos which I knew were in focus in the viewfinder :( film photography is very frustrating sometimes

  • I've got a ME Super that used to be my father's. Had been at the bottom of his camera bag for a while, and the mirror and shutter and locked up. Sent it to Harrow Technical to get it repaired and CLA'd, only for it to start underexposing and leaking light (from the front !) a year later. He also had a ZX5 with the mirror locked up (a common plastic part fail apparently).

    The K1000 I have on the other hand is an ex art department camera with a bang on the prism and bottom plate, but still works perfectly. I get the feeling Pentax were better at doing mechanical stuff rather than electronic.

  • Its a shame. I may just send this back and wait for a better condition one to pop up on west yorkshire or similar

  • Bronica ETRS / Ilford HP5

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  • film photography is very frustrating sometimes

    ..well to be fair these cameras are from the eighties and have probably seen some use in all those years, yet the majority of them works fine still.. so like you said it's just a bit of bad luck

  • leaking light (from the front !)

    Struggling to wrap my head around how this would be possible

  • Indeed. Leak shows within the frame of the negative only. If I had to guess there's a tiny pinhole leak in the shutter, but I can't find it.

  • I like those seaweed studies, they're quite nice

  • Test roll of C200 through a Canon P after cleaning some of the haze out of a 50 1.8 with ammonia solution. Amazingly didn't manage to cock the lens up.
    Not shot colour through the P before, quite like how it renders c200

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  • Looks great, always nice to successfully repair something!

    More HP5 from the Bronica.

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  • Excellent

  • Cow

    Bronica ETRS / HP5

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  • Love the seaweeds.

    Would make great postcards :)

  • That's the plan. Kind of wishing I had a macro lens and tripod for these..... might actually repeat them before I make prints.

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  • Never had the guts to do this before, hence why it's on a nothing shot of a building. Soaked the neg in isopropyl alcohol and went at it with a lighter

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  • Don't think you could of picked a better neg to do that with, very apocalyptic. Like it.

  • Nice! Years ago I buried a few negatives in the garden for a few months. Came out with a pretty similar result aesthetically! No idea what I did with the images now.

  • Do you have access to a darkroom? Would be interesting to see what sort of prints you could get from that.

  • There's one down the road from me, apparently. I've not looked into it yet, would love to print some stuff again, it's been about 15 years since I've been in a darkroom

  • Anyone got any cheap / simple compact 35mm cameras to give away or for cheaps? I am starting to learn how to pull apart and fix common issues with cameras with simple internals first then moving up the tech ladder.

    Currently working on this guy:

    So something of similar age (mid/early 90's) with this sort of spec would be grand. thank you!

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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