Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • Cheers. They're not going for too much at the moment so I'll probably pick one up to at least give it a try.

  • Sorry if I'm spamming this thread with pics at the moment, other people need to post more stuff !

    Mamiya 645/Ektar. Not tried to line them up as such, but essentially top and bottom of the same view

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  • Nice! Ektar does seem to work loads better at larger formats for some reason.

  • Ordered some Kodak pro image and a roll of Fuji industrial. Options for cheap colour negative are getting slim, but 5x rolls of pro image for £24 seemed decent to me. Anyone used either?

  • Never got around using the former, and Fuji Industrial I did try when was in stock for a very short time last summer at a local shop for about €4,- (went out of stock soon and now it's back - but doubled in price)..
    ..shot a few rolls of it and really liked it. Actually made flickr groups; if you like some inspiration here's the photo pools for the 100 and 400.

  • Got given a polaroid back for the Contax 645
    Anyone got the nod on a place with medium format Polaroid film in stock?

  • Yeah.
    I figured.

    I was hoping to cop for some locally today, but not a chance by the looks of things.

  • Anyone persevering with a TLR ? I get my Mamiya C330 out every now and again but always struggle using it - focusing it (portraits especially), keeping it level and framing with the reversed view in the finder. Much prefer using a SLR with medium format.
    Not helped here by mottling on the negs, which appears to be a case of the FP4 reacting with the backing paper..

    I like shooting 6x6 though, may be time to start looking at Hassleblads

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  • Got a print done, big boi for the wall

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  • Nice! I really need to get some prints done for the house - especially considering how cheaply you can get them done.

  • Recent silly plastic camera purchase arrived.
    Af35m ii with silly bolt on lenses. No idea if it’ll be any good, it’s pretty chunky, and I’m not sure the lenses really do anything (very marginal wide/tele) but it was too charming to resist!

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  • Nice work, digging the first portrait and the fireworks one!

  • Haha, great!
    Like an "advanced" point and shoot!
    : ]

  • Do you mind me asking where from?


    Was recommended them from a commercial photographer friend

  • Mamiya 645/ Ektar. Still suck at manual focus for portraits although I think the guy was vibrating naturally at his own frequency, which wasn't helping.

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  • Mamiya 645/ Ektar. Still suck at manual focus for portraits

    You do have / use that prism finder now?

  • If anyone's interested, I'm now selling a small run of prints here -

    Of course, if there's anything else I've posted here you'd like a print of, just shout

  • Leica R4 and Ektar 100

    First two seem a little underexposed, I think I may have accidentally been on spot metering...

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  • In anticipation of the upcoming skate trip to Athens (pm me with maps of spots!), I bought myself a new camera - Canon Eos Elan 7E and traded one of my dad's M42 lenses for a Zenitar 16mm fisheye. Money well spent/traded, I'm super happy. I was expecting exposure metering issues, but it seems like they're about the same as in my EOS300, which fortunately can be compensated. Next purchase - 50mm 1.8 STM lens.
    All of the below were shot on Kodak ColorPlus 200, although I probably should've gone with something a tad faster. It was also my first time shooting with flash, and I can't say I'm bummed with the results.

    These are a bit out of focus and overexposed respectively, but I like them regardless. Especially the last one, in spite of its flaws, reminds me of the skate pics from the 90s that I grew up seeing.

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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