Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • It’s been shamefully unused for a while - lugging around 3kgs of gear gets tiresome!

  • Try again with the Leica shots.

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  • I see nefarious' life as a neverending series of adventures. :)

  • The look of this photo by @nefarious is pretty much spot on for my tastes in colour film photography. Love the vertical grain fade especially

  • That’s the Yashica t4 for you, total beaut!

  • This begs to be shot with slide film by the way..

  • Tried some 'architectural' shots with a roll :

  • I like that fourth one.

  • First one is "happy", and yea that fourth one is pretty cool; nice gradients..

  • @Poetic @ooooooohhhhhhh Cheers!

  • Is the general opinion that a T4 is better than a mju ii? I want to get a fancy point and shoot after a Christmas.

    Are there any recommended second hand camera shops to go to/avoid in London? Or is ebay my best bet?

  • "Better" how?

    Most consider a T4 to be sharper than a Mju-II.
    Mju-II is definitely tougher, if you drop a T4 on concrete once it may be the end while the Mju might survive this, also it's somewhat waterproof - would not try this with the Yashica either.
    Mju is also smaller, which makes it more pocket-able. This also means the finder is small, it's a joke, basically.
    I loved my Mju-II. Would not buy one now though as the prices are in the insane league due to rich fucking hipsters.
    Basically same goes for the T4's, they got hyped because Terry Richardson used them.

    There's other great point and shoots as well..

  • Yeah, the price is frustrating for both. Think I’m veering towards mju ii for the durability. What other non hyped point and shoots would you recommend?

  • Love that last one, amazing colours

  • I’ve had both, pretty much always prefer the photos from the T4.
    Is it worth £200? Probably not. It’s a ticking time bomb that will die and be unrepairable, it might last a few years, maybe a few weeks. There’s almost know way to know.
    I paid £35 years ago and felt I paid too much at the time. Mine is gonna die soon, which is sad because I know it’s not worth replacing. And as has been mentioned, they’re incredibly fragile.

  • Well it obviously depends on personal preference / your style of shooting (do you really need AF? Do you need flash?), budget, et cetera.

    I just bought a few a couple of years ago, used them alongside each other, and by now sold (or broke) most of them.
    I had a T4 as well and sold it. It was great but it was way too fragile to be thrown in my backpack daily, so I don't regret selling it even though I love seing pictures taken with it.
    I sold my Olympus XA because the focussing was too fiddly for me. @mi7rennie later showed that it can be used as a point and shoot quite well with enough light - just f/8 and be there, basically. So I do regret selling that one.

    I would love to try the Minox 35 series. Seen some great work done with them, never tried one though.
    Same goes for Agfa Optima 1535.
    I'm very sad I missed the chance to shoot a Ricoh GR. Buying one now would be even more insane than getting a T4.

    tl;dr - get a camera that appeals to you, has half-decent optics, doesn't cost the world - and go enjoy shooting!
    : ]

  • Yes, would def like af and a flash. I’ve got a few cheap Olympus trip AFs (the not great modern ones) and enjoy taking those out with me

  • ..on the topic of medium format rangefinders - has anyone on here used a Bronica RF645 ?

  • Always wanted to try one.

  • Nice! Will have a look for one those too!

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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