Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • It stalled for a while but moving again now!

  • Good to hear!
    : ]

  • Have you looked at the koni omega rapid or the mamiya universal?
    Both are medium format rangefinders that are affordable and have good glass.

  • (..edited post so there's an image on the top of the page. I shot a SMC Pentax-M 1:1.7 alongside a Nikon 1:1.4 with same film, settings / develeoped in the same tank etc. - long story short I can't tell much of a difference)


    Thanks for your input as well Föhn.

    Yes I have seen these. Very nice cameras, but not for me; they're too heavy and bulky in the long run.

    At the moment I'm trying to convince myself of giving square format (and mirror inverted focussing, ha) another chance - I do have an old Rolleicord here, with a nice 75mm / 1:3.5 Xenar, it's not exacly slim as it's a classic TLR design - but it's less than 900g which is totally within the limits.
    It's just that these "budget Rolleicords" have a really really dim focussing screen - going out with this on a cloudy day in winter you have a hard time telling what's what really).
    So might invest in a better screen for this maybe..

    Anyone on here upgraded a dim screen with one from Rick ?

  • A thing with folders is whilst the glass may be ok, the film often doesn't stay flat and sharpness suffers a bit.

  • Is that a thing with folders, or with huge negatives in general?

  • I've replaced the screen in my minolta autocord with a maxwell screen. It's a plain screen without a split image or micro prisms, but it works great with the focus magnifier. The screen is bright and it just pops in to focus. Doesn't feel slower then getting a 35mm slr in to focus.

  • Mores so with folders because opening bellows causes low air pressure, sucking the film away from the backplate. Some cameras suffer more than others.

  • Ah that makes sense, I had the same question

  • Ha, yea.. would not have thought of that to be honest
    : ]

  • What about a folding camera e.g. Zeiss Ikon?

    They're a bit primative and lenses are a bit slow for handheld use in winter but the glass quality is decent and they're pretty cheap....

    After reading up about cheap compact 120 cameras I ended up going down a rabbit hole and just bought one of these for £25. Got one with the f4.5 lens so hopefully with Tri-X pushed 1 or 2 stops it's be fine.
    Didn't realise there was so many cheap folders out there.

    In the meantime been enjoying my Mamiya C330

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  • Pinhole on PanF

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  • Sounds like the same one as me.

    I really like the first tree shot

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  • Did you check :)

  • Thanks, and yes that's the one. Does lining the red dots up on the aperture and focus rings work well to get hyperfocal distance ? Manual reckons 13ft to infinity.

    I can see myself using 800 or 1600ISO film and using it as glorified point and shoot with the dots lined up, and adjusting shutter speed to suit.

  • It's actually an olympus af-10


  • Save it for your Children

  • I have nicer compacts for that

  • Think I've found something else now, sorry

  • Being adopted considered if Yashica T4/5

  • These are nice. 1st shot is killer.

  • Thinking of getting into film.......

    Anyone got a camera they're looking to sell? (Sorry if this is supposed to be in a different thread) Or recommendations?


    Aiming for a more classical look as also want to use it as a prop
    Easy to use to ease into film
    35mm Lens
    Budget around the £30 mark

  • If you’d like to sell and could post I’ll take t off your hands. No worries if not!

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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