Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • When you go to throw away some old shoeboxes in the back of your cupboard, but instead hit a jackpot treasure trove...

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  • I'm in Wormit, Fife. Full darkroom / bathroom!

  • Bandstand.

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  • Hi everyone,
    been away for a good while, also most likely will be a good while until I'll be around more regularly again.

    I just wanted to check in quickly / say hello, thank everybody who's been writing the last months.. ended up catching up, at least on the pictures..

    Great work, as always, I really miss this thread!
    Some that caught my eye (sorry if I missed something, 4 months is too much to catch up on really)
    @Jokke_A - "few picks" (Gstaad etc.)
    @mi7rennie - too many to mention really.. Moby Dick, basically all the expired film shots, North Yorkshire Moors / Rolleicord first post - awesome, also really like the Mju II / Kodak Gold ones
    @nefarious - climbing shots well good
    @shinkuu_kiss - great fucked up shit (as always)
    @Crimson_Ghost - that camper / trees - one ..once again shows what great colours other people get from C200 (I never do)
    @heavisides - haha, nice ektar shots..
    @chrisbmx116 - Craig David.. : ]

    Take care you guys and hopefully see you more often soon..
    Godspeed, TK

  • many cameras can do that already,my eos 30 for example, havent done it yet but will try soon

  • agfa rxg 200-n

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  • I have recently taken some stuff off a guy that was getting rid, included in which are some packets of Microphen and some Perceptol.

    Most of them are in fairly modern packaging including paper/foil inner packets but one pack of the Microphen packs is older and has the 2 parts in transparent plastic bags, one part looks brown, but like it probably shouldn't be brown if you know what I mean?

    Anyone know if this is useable or best just dumping it and using the more recent stuff?

    Also, I have an enlarger up for grabs, only problem, it's in Glasgow. Its a Durst CLS 305 and seems to be in full working order. I've switched it on, checked the dial in filters and stuff work and they do but I haven't actually done any enlargements from it. The lens might have a bit of fungus, will have another look.

    Free to anyone that can collect it from Glasgow. I also have a safelight and trays till they're coming out the wazoo and I can sort you a bit of paper so if you've been looking to start a darkroom, here's your chance.

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  • Glad to hear your still out there!

  • I thought maybe you went too far in pursuit of road marking photos and got destroyed by a speeding car and could only communicate by blinking and no one interpreting the blinks could figure out what LFGSS was.

    I'm glad that didn't happen.

  • .-.. ..-. --. ... ...

  • : ]

    ..unfortunately I don't have anything to show from the last months, have been very occupied with other things, and the only film stuff I've been shooting were two weddings (can't show you) and some drunk shenanigans (won't show you).

    BUT I did finish some rolls during the last weeks, and I'm very motivated to shoot a lot in the coming weeks (yes I know I have picked the worst season to start shooting film again), also will meet a friend tomorrow who's digging out his old Jobo tanks for me, and will try to make it to Impex later this day to aquire some Fuji Acros, my new b&w film of choice. Yea, given the light this time of year this might be optimistic, alas they stopped making the 400 & 1600 iso variants 3-4 years ago (fuckers!), and I really like to shoot this emulsion (this was largely influenced by searching for portraits shot on different b&w film material, then stumbling upon the work of Nobuyuki Taguchi - whom I haven't had heard of before, and his analog studio portraits pretty much blew me away).

    Prepare for a lot of DIY development / black and white film shooting questions in the coming days!
    : ]

  • (yes I know I have picked the worst season to start shooting film again)

    There's no worst season to shoot film! Autumn is beautiful and Winter is bleak. Tell the story

  • Don't fuck around any more and always insist on getting them hand checked.

    Good luck though.

    Long story short hardly anybody of these security people knows what film is anymore, but they seem to have learned that "it only affects ISO 800 and above", and that "radiation in the plane is much worse anyway compared to the machine" - so they tell you everythings is going to be fine.
    You can then explain them you're photographing for x years now and are experienced, and that it does matter, and then - if you're lucky - they'll scan it by hand / with these little strips, and you can chat about your antique Rollei for a minute; if not they basically tell you it is going through the machine.
    What are you going to do.
    On my last flight they toasted a bag full of 120 film, including old Portra 800 and even Ektachrome. I almost started to cry.

  • Insane tones & gradients
    mjam mjam mjam

  • We hit our target for the Kickstarter! So the book will be getting printed for sure!

    Huh, wat? I turn my back on this thread for mere four months and miss this?

    In all seriousness though - nice effort, and great to see it worked out beautifully!
    Thumbs up..

  • don't get the non uniform shape of the bokeh though, can anyone shed light on that


  • Epson flatbed users - is there a way to "multi-sample" when scanning, ie getting the scanner to do multiple exposures to retrieve more detail from the negative? I know this is possible with Nikon scanners.

    It's not a hardware, but a software issue, isn't it?
    Like, SilverFast SE doesn't do it, but SilverFast AI does..

  • Anyone have a cheap colour film they'd recommend?

    The cheapest I'd recommend here in Germany is Kodak Gold 200 at (drugstore) dm - 3 rolls of 36 exposures for about 8 Euros.
    Or Agfa Vista 200 / 400.

  • Cheap fuji 400 film on Olympus Rc35 with cheap local processing

    Love the colours in first one, last one also nice..

  • Anyone seen this nonsense from Yashica?

    Jesus Christ

  • Thanks! Portra 160 off amazon is close to £35 for 5 :/ Maybe Christmas money

  • Thats pretty amazing, 3 rolls of 36 for 8 euro.

  • Nobuyuki Taguchi

    I’d admired these but didn’t register they were film. They’re stunning.

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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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