Non-digital film photography and cameras

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  • Yeah man, same price as 35mm. Great value.

  • Lovely! Do I/you get discount if I say you mentioned them to me? :-P

  • Developments on the ailing Canon T70, the mirror is sticking only at 1/500 and 1/1000. First film SLR I've used, I'm thoroughly enjoying it, especially after the disappointment that was the first roll! All Poundland Vista 200 except the last photo which is Superia 400.


  • Really like Superia, I shot quite a bit of it on my last holiday. Think it's a really good film for the price.

  • Not yet but at the rate i'm recommending them maybe in future!

  • What's happened to Tina Kino (latterly known as @•••••)? She hasn't posted for two months.

  • Been wondering the same thing.

  • Me too, he / she (I'm not actually sure) has my travelling camera project and has done for months.

  • She's posted to Instagram in July so might have just flounced or something. Still seems a bit off.

  • I like Superia too, nice halfway house between Colour Plus/C200 and Ektar/Portra etc.

    Typically, they've discontinued a large swathe of it - 200 and 800 ASA and 24 exposure versions. Leaving the 400 36 exposure as the sole remaining film.

  • Anyone able to recommend a nice film for my Hexar? I don't like it when my shots come out too contrasty, prefer lower contrast and muted colours. Happy with this recent one though an have a couple of ones I deem "shithot".

  • Shot at ISO 200.

  • Done deal. Cheers BRO.

  • Failed last upload attempt...

  • And again.. FFS...

  • Same, I can only compare it to Agfa Vista 200 (which gives quite a dated look with pronounced grain, low contrast) but definitely the Superia seems more true to life.

  • [Colourplus 200 x Canon multi-tele]
    so much grain

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  • Olympus Trip 35, Fuji Superia 400

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  • Was sceptical of this place, especially when I went in and saw the negs hanging up in the open. That said, the 6x4s are actually pretty decent, and look pretty well scanned for pound land film. Maybe not a place to use for your expensive film but definitely good enough for tests/less precious stuff.

    Turned it round in <24 hours too

  • Anyone got a source of (relatively) cheap medium format (120) film? taken the plunge and bought a Mamiya C220 but don't want to rinse money on expensive films whilst i get used to it.

  • eBay expired portra?

  • I think most places do Fuji Pro, Kodak Ektar and Portra for around £25-£30 for a box of five.
    Ilford B&W are usually £4-£5 a roll.

    Not aware of anything cheaper sadly

  • For those of you shooting half-frame, how do scans come back from developers (filmdev in particular) ? Do you get a scan of the full 35mm frame (ie two pics), or do they scan each half frame separately ?

    Also, on a camera limited to 200 ISO, is there any benefit to shooting 400 ISO film and pulling to 200 in low light conditions ?

    Considering taking the plunge into half-frame but the camera is limited to 200 ISO max.

  • Do you get a scan of the full 35mm frame (ie two pics)


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Non-digital film photography and cameras

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