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  • ‘Good’ bike shops near me are literally not interested in shortening a brake hose :-(
    One described it as a ‘big job, bit of a nightmare’. My one trusted mechanic has retired to Spain!

    Uuugh, I’m going to finally learn hydraulic brake faff.

  • My new LBS (it's not that local) only take enough bikes in to complete in that week. Once the rack is full, it's full. You can only book one week ahead too. It does mean they don't take puncture repair etc but I guess they're busy enough to keep it ticking over

  • shimano brakes? very easy job find another lbs

  • Uuugh, I’m going to finally learn hydraulic brake faff.

    It’s not that faffy, you won’t regret it

  • Except R7000 105, which never seem to come out right the first time. 🤷♂️

    Which are the ones you have to pressurise, depressurise and pressurise again? Those are more of a faff.

  • Cx picked up new bike from Evans, got a puncture literally on way out the car park, put it in car, brought to me.
    Was an inside job! Had part of a Dutch /Dunlop valve between tyre and tube, did a good job of core sampling the tube lol

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  • Click and collect from a store costs £4.99

    That's a bit cheeky.

  • same as sports direct then...

  • Have started seeing 'muddyfox' coming out of local evans (or bought online), probably going to firmly end quite a few peoples interest in cycling, absolute POS

  • It’s a shame about Muddy Fox. Back in the day (mid 80’s) I knew Drew and Haji who started MF, Drew was a top lad and the brains behind it, Haji was the backer. They weren’t the best but they knew the market and were very well priced, and the Courier was a classic.

    They’re just absolute filth now.

  • If it’s any consolation, that’s the life cycle of most modern consumer brands and products (which you might know better than I but I’ll explain it anyway):

    1- Development. A marketable idea driven by the team who came up with it.
    2- Introduction. Originators and key collaborators produce something with exacting standards. Gain a cult following.
    3- Growth. Become popular. Increase headcount and supply. Create cheaper product lines to meet demand.
    4- Maturity. Become established/mainstream. Increase headcount and company complexity. Increase cheaper product lines to capitalise on popularity.
    5- Decline. Lose visionaries. Lose cult following and eventually critical mass of highest paying customers. Abandon onerous product lines, focus on cheap stuff, drop standards…. And you know the rest.

    (Or something like that)

  • Nah, it's the vultures of which Mike Ashley is well known off. Just rinse a brand and sell as much as you can!

  • There’s probably another step where the brand all but disappears then gets bought out by the likes of Ashley and starts churning out absolute shite. See also Holdsworth/planet x

  • Re

    Yeah this, can't remember the term but yeah happens in all industries. Euro car parts have Lucas and a bunch of others, now just a meaningless name that they use to pedal utter trash/parts made of cheese instead of metal to older folk who remember the brand from when it was a real name.

    The handful of folk who actually bother to research and see what they are buying don't matter when the masses just keep going back and buying more junk expecting it to somehow be better each time.

  • I’ve still got and use a Karrimor mtb gore tex jacket that I bought in 2003 and it’ll be back in use in a few months when the nights draw in and the temperature nears zero. It’s a brilliant bit of kit from a once great brand; sadly now part of the dog shit Sports Direct portfolio that destroys everything it touches

  • Yeah it’s not just specific to Sport Direct.

  • Still use my karrimore paclite . After 14 years i think . It is possible the best bit of kit i have ever owned.

  • I have a Karrimor fleece from bitd.

    Banging piece of kit, waterproof (not anymore) and reflective (mostly worn off) shell on the front half, rear is just the fleece for more breathability.

    It must be...25 years old! My parent's bought me it from Off Beat Bikes in Fort William.

  • So the order I put in on Thursday… One order confirmation email, one payment confirmation email with the incorrect amount showing (+£5) so I had to check my bank account to see what had gone out. Then:

    14, yes FOURTEEN more emails from Evans and Hermes saying this or or that item had been picked or was shipping. One attempted delivery which said no-one was home - so there was apparently no-one home at my workplace during working hours on a Friday. FFS.

    Didn’t know about the Sports Direct thing. That’s very sad. Won’t be using Evans again, unfortunately.

  • Now seventeen emails…

  • A++ good comms

  • Twenty emails…

  • https://news.sky.com/story/bicycle-brand­-ribble-gets-into-gear-for-sale-as-indus­try-sales-surge-12406438

    Ribble is now understood to have plans for a significant international expansion, as well as to grow its market share in the UK.

    I hope Ribble isn't planning in following the 'stack it high, sell it cheap' model...

  • Twenty emails…

    Wish I had this many emails in relation to my warranty request, alas I have zero.

  • This is telling. Pretty sure that’s a standard Sports Direct sticker.

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Evans Cycles

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