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  • Yeah of course. Will you lose any “top up”? No.

  • You'll get taxed on the remaining installments and the outright purchase.

  • Yes I know but...oh forget it

  • I was under the impression that topping up wasn't allowed as it'd mean that ownership of the bike (or equipment) was shared? That might have just been a rule of the particular scheme that the lbs I last worked in used though.

    I think we did allow it but it was sort of to well known customers and friends of staff only and all a bit under the table.

  • Yep. I always explain that it’s at their risk and the employer owns the products until the end of the scheme etc

  • Employer typically will own the bike for the first 12 month lease, but ownership then transfers to the scheme operator if the lease is extended (for peppercorn terms; to maximise tax savings) for the remaining years.

    Mention this as, for many, the idea of their employer wanting to take back a 12 month old bike seems quite far fetched. I mean, what are they going to do with them? So the risk of losing out on the value of anything you've paid in cash to an LBS is minimal.

    However a nationwide cycle to work scheme operator could feasibly see the value in taking back bikes from the scheme, then flogging en mass.

    Cycle to work scheme thread

  • So the risk of losing out on the value of anything you've paid in cash to an LBS is minimal.

    Minimal but still a risk. The scheme my employer uses is very vague about what happens at the end of the 12 month period, I took £400 a few years ago and got away with no final market value payment or anything but if you end up paying that it makes it barely worthwhile and often possible to find stuff discounted for cheaper than full rrp minus the tax saving.

  • Bit of a long shot: anyone on here at Evans
    Clapham or Notting Hill?

    (Assuming they're even open at the moment)

  • If anyone is near Canary Wharf at the moment, pop in the Evans and tell the staff to cheer the fuck up. Please.

  • There's a pandemic on, they probably want to be at home, that one's always full of bankers and they have to work in Canary Wharf.. What do they have to be cheery about?!

  • They, unlike a lot of people, still have their jobs.

    If they continue to be as surly and unhelpful as they've been recently, no-one will go in, and they'll close.

  • Free nhs bike checks on their tweet this morning.
    I had to price match my girlfriends bike this morning !

  • I mean you could do it if it bugs you so much

  • Surely nothing Evans do should be a surprise given their owner.

  • Won't last long, a lot of manufacturers have strict rrp embargoes, retailers who take the piss get reprimanded on the next purchase cycle.
    Tried to get some turbos to sell last few weeks but all uk distributors totally out. Had also noticed the trade prices rising (zyro Fisher) compared to what I expect then to normally be, so maybe the distributors making a dirty buck too

  • Some retailers can do whatever they like though, if they have the purchasing power. Price fixing is obviously not allowed, so all a manufacturer can do is speak between the lines about not selling the retailer any more stuff. However the larger retailers, Evans being one, can generally get away with anything. This has been my experience at two manufacturers who sell/sold to Evans.

  • The irony that Evans probably got the trainers for next to nothing when they got bought out and fucked over all their suppliers paying a pittance on their debt - I’m amazed anyone still deals with them.

  • Bums on saddles, innit. Now with CySurgery and Republic out the picture, it's the only company with a proper network of stores.

  • Seen halfords are trying to reopen stores today, but not giving their staff much? Maybe just hearsay.

    Just had someone approach my shop literally coughing a lung up all the way down the yard, didn't need them to ring the bell, I heard them 100m away. Told them to fuck off home and I wasn't touching their bike.
    "AW but can you not just make it work for under £20 cash?"
    No mate, go home, take your bike with you, put kettle on and stop going outside.
    "Who are you, the police or something"
    Nope, but I'm not fixing your bike either.

    Idiots man. Probably get a stinking google review from it.

  • "AW but can you not just make it work for under £20 cash?"

    "Yeah and £500 danger money. Now fuck off. "

  • Ordered a turbo that showing in the exdisplay section, took my money, confirmation email, now it's showing again in the section.

    I suspect this has happened to other people too as it was there last week and gone and possibly again.

    The my orders page was down all day but has my order pending. Quick enough to take the money, but I expect they'll be slow to resolve any of this. Should've just left it!

  • Anyone interested in swapping a £50 wiggle voucher for an Evans cycles £50?

    I have the wiggle £50 and want to swap

  • To be fair, most of those people can fuck right off. A bicycle is hardly an essential item.

    Everyone that works with bikes that I know has been working like machines trying to get things moving.
    If you can't wait a couple more weeks for an item to be delivered by an over stressed system during a global pandemic, you deserve to wait even longer.

    Pedal guy can jump in the fucking sea. There's no 'consumer right' for your incompetence at installing a fucking pedal. We've had about 30 cases of this (not Evans) so far, even with instructions plastered to the box. Like fuck it's a warranty.

    Other wanker complains about bike being destroyed in transit. How's that the retailers fault?

    The entitlement is astonishing really.

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Evans Cycles

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